Friday 25 December 2009

It's Christmas!

I do my usual yearly thing on Christmas day, after the usual feasting with family I go visit my dads grave and sit with him for a while.
One of my best friends, who passed over 15 years ago, is also buried close by so then I go say hello to her...then I am always compelled to pay a visit to Robert Elliot.
Who is Robert?
I dont know who he is, but he is the first person to have been buried at the cemetary over 100 years ago and I always go and clean his grave and say a prayer...
Somehow I think it is appreciated.

To all of you - every single one - here's wishing you the best of the season with sparkles on top!

The shortness of your life can be measured on your headstone, but the largeness of your life will be rememebered by your deeds and aspirations..

Live life large and loud my friends..
and may your life be beautiful!


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  1. Brightest blessings 2u2 for a wonderful 2010 full of peace and progress. In love, light and laughter ♥