Tuesday 22 December 2009

Morpeth Ghost Tour

Morpeth Ghost Tour - a great night!
I had the opportunity to take part in my first Ghost Tour as a guest psychic a few weeks ago out at Morpeth ( a small township on the east coast of NSW about 20 minutes drive down the highway from Newcastle )
I think it went down very well - Troy the tour manager, is an absolute storehouse of information about the town and is learning new stuff all the time, so it is a tour for everyone, certainly for those that wish to experience some ghostly activity as there is something happening every night that the tour takes place, also there is enough information for those skeptics who are just there to hear about the colorful history of this small but very significant township.
We had 12 on the tour last night, including two children so there was a great mix of group members with the children taking control of the EMF meters while the adults were busy taking photos.
My role in the tour is a complimentary one - I get to mingle with the crowd and answer some questions that people might have along the way.
For some it is the first time that they may have had a paranormal experience, a shiver or a brush or touch, and they might think they are a bit crazy for even mentioning it. I can then tell them that they are NOT crazy and that people have felt exactly the same feelings in the very spots they are now standing in!
This is cool and then it gets everybody feeling comfortable and ready to interact.

The Avenue of Trees is a great spot for this and I can explain that those feelings of anxiety that you might feel are not yours, but belong to the lady ghost amongst the trees who has been seen many times.
I do not do any readings or overheads on the tour. That would most certainly be very disruptive and interfere with the whole atmosphere of the tour that Troy tries to create.

So I mingled and pointed out hot spots and added my views in parts about what I was feeling or seeing and this got the group clickling madly with some great images comming though.
ESpecially at the doors of Claybourne House.
So, if you have not considered it before, why dont you book a tour?
Troy will continue running these next year and pssst....why dont you book a group and ask for a guest psychic to join you!

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