Friday, 31 December 2010

Last Post

Last post of the year.
Its about 8.30 and usually I would have headed into town to watch the 9pm fireworks with my daughter but I just cannot be bothered this time around.
I have farewelled my big girl who left for Melbourne this afternoon and should be enjoying a private party at the Docklands right now.
I am enjoying a quiet night in front of the tv out of the heat and noise.
Medicated to avoid an on coming headache picked up  from a trip to the plaza this morning and the frenetic energies that were there.
I always know when I am heading down the road of a major painful expereince because I cannot stand any noise..
so I will be sitting here watching the fireworks ( on tv ) and then we have a movie to get through...very not exciting, I know.
But...I am very grateful for health and relative happiness within my family and thinking about my mum who fades in and out and is probably living through probably her last new year.
Therefore all of MY ideosyncratic manifestations seem trivial and banal..... bring on the new year.

Monday, 27 December 2010

Phew ..its over

Over for another year.
Christmas that is.
Did you get some cool stuff?
Did you spend time with those you love?
Did you give of yourself to others less fortunate?
Did you overeat or overdrink?
Did you tell a family member that you only see once a year what you really think of them?
Were you kept up for hours on end by the party happening next door?
Have you got a load of gifts that you dont want and dont need?
Are you still eating Christmas dinner and probably will for the next few days to come?
Are you still talking to your overindulged and disrespectful teenage children?
Are you waiting for your visiting relatives to finally go home ( "its over folks...get the hint!!!")
Have you been shopping already for the "essentials"...a new designer bag, shoes, perfume?
Do you have to get up and face the hordes of screaming shoppers at the sales today?
Good luck with that....
we HAVE survived!!

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Is it really Christmas?

It must happen as we get older...Christmas tends to sneak up ever so quietly. Or maybe we just try to ignore it hoping that it might just all go away?
It just doesnt feel the same.
I think its a bit like a rare and exotic animal - it is dissappearing fast, even as we look at it.
When you think about it Christmas started back sometime on October and now it has only a few days left and then will have dissappeared.All that will be left is a huge credit card debt and lots of paper in the recycling bin.
I rather liked Christmas as a child. I would play under my parents Christmas tree making up exotic fairytales of what wonders were hidden in wrapped presents awaiting to be revealed. reality never stacked up to my fantasies.
Then the more I studied the story of Christmas and the older I got, the more jaded it all started to make me.
So, now I need a dose of Walt Disney to send me into bliss with the beauty of such stories like 'The Polar Express"or the new "Scrooge" movie - amazing wonders of animation and technology where even jaded oldies like me can once again feel those childish wonder filled moments of awe and fantasy and drop into a world between the real and the unreal.....even for a moment.
Blessings to you all and may you all find even a moment of sheer bliss this holiday season.

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Looking forward to our Solstice Party!

Wow...its the end of the year for us - 40 weeks of being open. Our first year of business finished!
To tell you the truth it has flown past. Even though our doors will be closed on Monday we still have one evening class and a full moon to organise as well as a few coffees, lunches and a hand ful of meetings to attend next much for a quiet end to the year!
We have had a marvelous time and explored many areas of growth.I think that we have now come to some conclusions as to what pursue and what to leave alone right now.
We are hoping for more participants in the new year but these things grow slowly - something that has to be earned is trust and that is not easily given in the spirituality business.
Having a bad name can come very quickly sometimes from the most unexpected directions.
I am looking forward to 2011.
We will be concentrating on our Ancient Wisdom classes, reiki, healings and readings.
Also there will be some new workshops and extra classes by guest presenters as well as our full moons and sabbat classes. We will be introducing working with the dark of the moon.
Another full year ahead...come and join us.
A special thank you to our supporters - we have cherished your input and your smiling faces.
We hope that you have a most wonderful Christmas and New Year and that we meet again soon.

Monday, 13 December 2010

So close to Christmas I can smell it!

Its been a big year of changes and adjustments. Not only for myself, but my family and for many friends who have felt displaced and even left behind in the wake of the wave that is "owning your own business".

I have a new found respect for all of those that battle the highs and lows of business ownership. But to also have the mental stress of rejection of friends and family because they are no longer "number one"or as important as the new project can be cruel.
I understand their pain on both sides - in many cases for the new business owner  all they have done is to have just bought themselves a job  (as my friend told me today.)
Thats going to great lengths to make sure you stay off the dole - In many cases your life and all of your money is on the line. You have probably got to deal with working 70 hours a week, sleepless nights of constant worry about how you will pay the bills, getting a huge business loan and being disowned by family and friends for becoming a party pooper and not "fun"anymore.
Heaven help you becoming successful! Then the shit really hits the fan and you learn who your friends are..but its a learning process and business owners tend to find other business owners to buddy up with cause its only others in the same positions that can really understand.
Its so close to Christmas I can smell the joy of time off and rest just around the corner.
Next year will be very exciting with lots of new projects on the boil and ready to be birthed early in 2011.
I offer everyone to come along and enjoy the ride. I intend to.
If I have forgotten you along the way...No, I havent.I have just become increadibly busy. Please understand.
I do wish you a most wonderful Christmas and a very happy New Year.
Be happy...choose to live your life to your fullest potential - there is enough out there for everyone..there really is.

Monday, 6 December 2010

Tall Poppies hacked with sheer delight!

It seems to be a bit of a sport to some people to trash others who stand a little taller than the rest, or have the 'audacity' to promote, sell or teach in the "spiritual" business ( mmmm,...yes how dare they indeed!). In the span of only 48 hours I have heard two of the most prominant women "in the business" speak of how they are constantly harrassed and degraded by others who chose to demoralize these wonderful ladies for following their passion, sharing their knowledge and shining a light on the way forward.
This is really, really hard for me to understand.
You know, there is enough success out there for anybody that would like some...really there is.
So if someone else is working hard to have a go why not congratulate them, cause they have put in the hard yards and probably had to eat a fair few "shit sandwiches" as I heard one of these ladies say, to get to where they currently are.
But there are those who choose to go the other way - they themselves may not have the need nor the desire to be putting themselves on the line, but they also do not want anyone else to either..
In some self serving way they feel a need to ridicule, fling mud and spread gossip must make them feel better about surely must, because there is no other logical reason for this insane behaviour.
I know that all of us can feel pangs of jealousy at times when others look like they are having fun "working" or have achieved some sort of status ( whatever that may be, or mean, to you personally ) thats only human...
but that should actually act as a motivator for all of us to do the work we need to do to go forward ourselves,
to ask ourselves..."well, what else can I do?"
Not a pretty picture...not very respectful of others and not very spiritual.
I would like to follow the words written on my blog that stated "what people think of me is really none of my business..." but I also personally know that when you give your heart to a project or a vision ( sensibly ) that harsh, vindictive words can sometimes inflict the greatest of injuries.
I send these ladies my best wishes for grest success in 2011.
And, oh by the way, just warning you...............I am also going to be trying my darndest to be successful in 2011 myself...if you have a problem with that...then its none of my business..............

Friday, 26 November 2010

One of those days..

It was one of those days when the messages were coming thick and fast...
People and events were put in my face and I had to try to make sense of what I was getting.
One lady was trying to get me into another networking vitamin scheme telling me how wonderful her "" new concept" was and how I would just be soooooo wealthy in about all of a minute and of course no financial outlay....
Yes...yes...had heard it all before.The last thing I tried was the Goji berry thing..and that lasted for no longer than about six months - best thing since sliced bread it was - then they started selling it at the supermarket and the bottom fell out.
I wonder what all of those people who were scammed into selling the product ( including me ) got out of it in the end.
Then she proceeded to ask me about 'The Secret" which is not much of a secret it changed her life.
Good for her...
But I dont want to sell anymore "next biggest thing since sliced bread item" that will make me a fortune while I just sit on the couch and pick lint out of my belly button..
I am a bit over people telling me that "it all just happened" without any expenditure on their part.
Yes..I sold just two T shirts and now I am a multi millionaire...
Right..I renovated one house and now I have a portfolio of thirty properties and I am just 24!!!!!
Uh huh...........
and who's your daddy????
I know vision is important.
I know manifesting what you want and focusing on the positive is very important.
But I also know that it will only come with hard work, persistance and tenacity.
that bit's still a secret...

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Another dose of reality

If you have been following my blog ( and there arent too many of you ) you will know that my mum has been in a nursing home with dementia for over a year now. She has deteriorated rapidly.
She had a few setbacks and with every difficulty she withdrew more into herself.
I have been watching my mum leave now for the last 8 months...slowly one step at a time.
As I sat holding her frail hand today I watched her breathing and wondered what she might be thinking.
Whether she wished that it would all just be over or whether she was just not thinking anything at all.
She no longer knows who I am ( or maybe she does but cannot voice it ). I dont blame her for that - she did light up for one moment when she saw my husband though, so that was nice.
She snoozed on and off today but the issue now is that she no longer wishes to eat.
Elizabeth Kubbler Ross would say that this is a sure sign that the body no longer wishes to take in nourishement to keep itself alive - it is the body's way of saying enough is enough..
I do not wish to prolong this ordeal any more than needed for mum's sake.
No one wishes to see their loved one die but if she is preparing to go then so must I ..
We need to listen to our loved ones final requests and take ourselves and our own needs out of the loop...IT IS NOT ABOUT US.
It is about them.
To not feel pain of heart ache would be a silly ideal - that I could get away without the reality of my mother dying having some effect.
Keeping busy helps although my thoughts are abundantly with her even if I cant be.
Whatever pain she may have caused me - is no longer remembered.
There is no point. She is now a frail, tiny lady who is barely hanging on to this life which has in many ways been cruel and difficult.
It robbed her of her youth and of her ambitions - she lost parents and friends and all hope in the times of war, she had to leave her home for a totally foreign land with a man whom she married out of fear in being left alone. She did the best that she could with her lot and now she has learnt to give in totally to her fate.
I wish her peace in these last weeks or months, whatever they may be.
She is teaching me even now...that each day is a precious gift and life should be enjoyed as much as possible before that free option is taken away from you...

Friday, 12 November 2010

Is anything worth saving anymore?

Yep..they are just trees you say?
Whats the huge carry on?
Look at this picture...the library was an idea in someone's head when these beautiful trees were already established and part of the landscape.Part of our history...this picture was taken in 1945. Only seven of these eleven trees remain.
Do we always have to turn our back on everything?
Is our council working for us or against us?
What are they going to take down next....

Friday, 5 November 2010

How easy is it to learn psychic development?

I got asked that question today - the answer is dead easy!
I look at psychic development as a total learning process whereby you become more focused and in the moment.
You learn to hone your skills of perception and to listen to all of your senses so that they can then inform you about the world around you in a more well rounded more efficient way.
The only way we as humans have to identify our reality is through our senses - they warn us about our environment and continually update us about our safety and security.

They alert us to what is useful and to what we do not need to pay attention to - our brain is the central computer that gathers all of these bits of information and then delivers it to all those areas of our body that require that information to function properly.

For example, if we are hungry our brain will tell us to go search for food - our eyes will let us know where this food is and our nose will let us know whether this food is going to be good for us to eat. Our taste buds will approve or dissapprove of this meal and our stomach will then process this food and distribute it to the places within our body it needs to go.

But how is this linked with seeing ghosts?
It is in a round about way  - because all of life's interactions are interwoven with psychic cues.
When you meet someone for the first time you often make immediate judgements as to whether you will like them or whether they are a threat depending on the signals your body and brain is sending to you about the energy that you are coming into contact with. You will either feel good or bad in their company. This is being psychic.
You also pick and choose your environments depending on whether you feel safe or not based on your senses first and then information that is given to you about that environment. That is being psychic.

Seeing ghosts is something not everyone can do or might ever be able to do - there are too many factors as to why this isto explain in full here.
But attuning yourself to your real world will make you much more recpetive and open to those paranormal occurances that are around us in our "unseen world"...thats for sure.
We have started running psychic development classes at Sacred Elements.
Our next class will be Dec 1st Wednesday night starting at 7pm. Cost $20.

Monday, 1 November 2010

How easy it is to offend!

Seems that as great at facebook and the internet are, they can also be weapons of mass destruction.
It is so easy to be offensive and to make many enemies even if you have never laid eyes on people before and only know them as distant "friends"on your status updates.
The written word can be misconstrued and taken the wrong way and you are not there to back it up or stand up to your own defense and then it just runs away like a rat carrying the plague causing havoc and mayhem in the deep of the night!
Once a comment is written it stands solid and gets its own to feet and an identity which gets ultimately tied back to you!
A valuable lesson comes along every so often as to be aware of what you write and to whom and to consider the consequences of your actions upon pressing that "POST" button!
I keep learning and even though there may be things that I want to say - I dont, and even when I stray even a little off the straight and narrow it seems to bite me on my very ample arse. Therefore I remain guarded and even more guarded as time moves on.
I have always maintained that blogging and facebooking etc..seem such a very impersonal way of communicating as there lacks that one on one interaction and contact that I ( being very old school ) really need to have to feel that I am having a proper relationship. But I am learning the hard way that these modes of communication are dreadfully personal and can have very destructive consequences - throw away statements and opinions can have a monsoonal effect that can leave one mopping up the debris of shattered egos and reputations for ages to come.

The pen (or the "post" button ) IS mightier than the sword!

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

When life is overwhelming - break it down to manageble pieces!

So what do you have control over?
Sometimes it may seem like very little - your environment and the people that surround you are very difficult to have influence over. They all have their own agendas and not always are you really on their radar... sometimes things that are said and done, or not said and done are taken very personally when they dont have to be, they were never meant to be personal attacks but your perception of the situation made them seem so.
Often when you are overtired, overworked and stressed things just seem to escalate or balloon out of all proportion.
So what you can control is your response to your environment and to things that dont go according to your carefully set plans.
You may need to review your expectations?
Maybe you are just not being realistic?
Maybe you are being too serious?
Look closely at your perception of the world around you as it will colour every decision you make.
Things are not always as you percieve them to be - you are only seeing your version of reality which may be no one elses...consider this and then ask others what they are experiencing, get some feedback and break things down into manageble bits.
Work on changing things a small step at a time.
Ultimately the only thing you can change is yourself.

Saturday, 23 October 2010

What if its all just in your head?

Am reading a book that hypothesises that we are all genetically predisposed to have a spiritual side to us that requires nuturing for us to feel whole and to stop us from fearing our own inevitable death which in turn would make everything we do somewhat banal and without purpose.
For every question this might answer there are quite a few more that come up in my mind that are not...

Our knowledge, that we are all going to die, actually makes us anxious and stressed and our "God " brain part developed so that we could alleviate this stress.
So spirituality ( not religion ) is actually something that should be nurtured, as well as meditative states so that we can feel connected to the wholeness of all rather than be fixated on our finite ego self. ( which would send us all batty ). I would aggree with that.
From a logical and intelligent perspective this makes great sense.
This hypothesis is not new and has been studied by many scientists, psychologists, neurologists etc.. who have looked at the brain and what parts "light up" when certain sensations, situations and illnesses and drugs effect parts of it.
Again, there are many things that still are not quite covered in this theory.
Also the book says that we dont actually die straight away when our heart stops  - it takes another 6 minutes for our brain cells to get the oxygen they need ...then we die. Thats why heart massage is so important as it keeps the oxygen moving around the body and gets it to the brain and hopefully someone is there with a defribulator to give us the shock we need.
So we can get technical about "going into the light"sensations and also the feelings of calm and euphoria or meeting God that many people feel before death and explain them as an automatic body response to imminent death.
We can break down every process into a normal function of our body/brain that has developed coping mechanisms over many thousands of years.
Its proven. Its been studied and documented.

We need to be spiritual ( most of us ) just for our own sanity.

But all of this discounts a God that is outside of us. As we have created a need for him so that we can function in this world and to make us more special than any other animal that is on this planet.
mmm..and where does this put stuff like "going into the light", "out of body experiences", "ghosts and spirits"...we all have to make up our own minds about that stuff.I guess I am still working on my own explanations and am out to read as much as I can to give me material to think about.
I do warn you though, just dont pick up any scientific texts....if you werent an atheist might just well consider it afterwards.

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Bloody Satan worshippers my arse!

I am sick of hearing this old chestnut!
Paganism = satan worshippers, human sacrifice and communion with the demons...
For goodness sake!
This lovely explanation of what pagans do came up today in a program that I watched on early morning tv by an evangelist preacher from Texas who added that no Christian should have anything to do with Halloween celebrations ( his primary message ) nor Easter bunnys and chocolate eggs, nor Mistletoe at Christmas time as they were all pagan.
Then he added fuel to his own pyre by reading extracts from texts that showed how the Roman Catholic Church used all of the pagan relious feasts and converted them to Christian ones becaus they had trouble converting those "stupid devil worshipping heathens" to the ways of the new God.
Kind of a dictatorship, no?
Kind of Hitleresque, no?
Change or be destroyed???
Tyrannical, no?
So good Christains should not be enjoying Halloween as it is a celebration of the dead ( but the Christians have all soul's day and all saints day - which celebrate......the dead????)
Oh, but that is different, as was explained by the good padre - cause the pagans are celebrating the sinners at Halloween ( or those that did not get baptised I presume therefore automatically go into the sinner's basket ) as opposed to the chosen one's who are celebrated at THEIR feast days of all soul's day and all saint's day.
Ah ha!!!!
Now I see...sinners and the saved.
You are either one or the other...there is no in between.
Mixed in with this was the lovely world of "WITCH" as many times as the padre could possibly fit it in.
He really lovews to use that word.
Let me say it again - WITCH.
And then of course we have the sourcerer, divination, those that dabble in the black arts of tarot, mediumship and such and lets round it off by slagging Harry Potter and that stupid woman ( his words, not mine )who made it all up and who in all actuality revitalised the dying art of READING A BOOK!!!!!!!! Lets give her a good serving as well!
So pagans seem to be just as much the scum on the surface of the Earth as homosexuals, lesbians, any other religion...and dont get me started on women in general - those servants of the dark one who have tempted all men to sin since that unfortunate episode in the Garden of Eden.

So how so we heal and move on when these are the underlying thoughts of many who hold the banner of faith and the one true God?
Can we?

As much as pagans and wiccans say that they cherish the sacredness of Mother ( yes MOTHER ) Earth, that they hold their bodies as divine, and that the God and Goddess are omnipresent we are going to be at loggerheads with those that see God as omnipotent and the devil as having rule and dominion over those that do not see the light of the one God.

But as always, to me, each person has a right to make up their own mind in this regard as long as they do by finding out the facts.
Before you have something to say about another person's beliefs you need to FIND OUT THE TRUTH ABOUT THEM.
I do not believe that you can paint everybody with the same brush. There are good Christians with a wonderful heart as there are good pagans and muslims and protestants and Scientologists and Hindus and ....well you know what I mean.
So take your silly ideas Mr.Pastor from Texas and go for have a right to your views.Just dont try and shove them down everybody else's throat.
May your God be good to you - he is not my God.
I dont want one that is ready to smote me down because I can make up my own mind.
I will continue to believe in an omnipresent divine force that is so much more intelligent than all of this hogwash that may have been really great about 30,000 years ago when our brains were the size of a pea and it took us a couple of hundred years to work out where the sharp end of the spear was....but now?
Are you for real?

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Let me out!

Worst thing about being on a train trip is that if you get stuck with morons in your carriage you have to put up with it for the rest of the journey.
Why is it that some people think its really cool to have meaningless LOUD and obnoxious conversations on their mobiles for over half an hour while everyone else is made to listen.
Why is every second word in young men's vocabulary "fuck"?????
Why do they have to be so disrespectful and have such a bad attitude.
Why does the train driver decide to play Abba and Tammy Winnette over the loud speakers ???
Why do I feel like getting off at Gosford when I need to go to Cardiff?
Maybe I am just slightly intolerant..or maybe THEY are just all annoying.....

and I compare this to the subway trips we had in Japan earlier this year where people stood up for the elderly, women had their own carriages at certain hours of the day, you were not ALLOWED to answer your mobile while on the subway as it is seen as rude and disturbing the peace and even though at times the subways were packed, the trains were so clean you could eat off the could hear your own heart beat it was that quiet.... you have to see it to believe it!!

Friday, 15 October 2010

If you really think you have problems...

Sometimes hearing other people's stories of tragedy and sadness really puts things into perspective for me. And as bad as it might sound these lovely people always come through the door when I most need to refocus on where I think I am going andwhat I think is happening to me.
I have heard some very sad stories this week - some absolutely heart wrenching experiences that ordinary people have been put through.
Each one has asked the same question, "Why me? "
Losing loved ones, dealing with breakups and children with disabilities, watching as your ordinary, normal life crumbles and changes shape....
It always humbles me that people somehow get to the other side - like one lady said to me today..."You never know what you can really do until you are forced to do it"...
So sometimes our whinges are just bullshit. We consume ourselves with piddly little issues that we just should not be exerting any energy on at all - we should just deal with it and let it go, cause bigger more enormous things can happen at any moment...and shake your world completely.
I wish you all peace and that your world remains turning in the right direction.

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Another birthday comes and goes..

So I am another year older..strange but I dont seem to feel it inside..only when I look in the mirror am I reminded that I am truly seeing the changes.You cannot escape getting older.
I also feel quite lonely, in a way, as this is the first birthday where both my parents are no longer around.
Dad has been gone for a few years now, and mum, even though she is still on this side of the veil, cannot remember anyone and she does not recognise me - so in a way she is disappearing a bit at a time and I am no longer her shild.
Friends come and go and family is very busy doing their own thing - big girl is in Melbourne and little girl is in her own world ( as they are at 16 ). Long suffering husband has been not well for many months and its still a struggle for him to have a good day at the moment so I am a bit melancholy about another year passing and time slipping away.
Maybe watching "Eat, Love, Pray" and the romantic notion of life being eternally exciting made me fancifully think that it might be nice to indulge in some escapism - a valuable component is missing though. Cash!
Kind of puts a spanner in the works...
So instead I need to be grateful that I do have a bunch of sweet people I can call friends, who do come and go and thats ok.
I have had parents who tried their best in spite of the most terrible of lives of struggle and hardship and it is time for their next journeys to begin and I need to let them go.
I have two healthy and mostly happy girls who are making decisions about what it is they want to do with their lives and I need to just stand by and be there if they need me.
I have a beautiful husband who can get very exasperated with me a times but who, I know, loves me and puts up with all of my strange ideas.
And I can dissappear, for free, any time I choose - in my head, to wherever I want, if I just learn how to let go......

Sunday, 10 October 2010


I love today's date - not only because it carries an energy of change and transmutation ( big word ) but because it means that my birthday is just two days away...he..he..
I have spent today in meditation and in ritual, cleansing, clearing our business centre and bringing in energy which will continue to allow us to grow and achieve our best potential.
Of course I was not alone, as my business partner was there to share in the job.
We reflected upon the last seven months and how far we have come.
We worked through issues that have been fragmenting and needed transmutation ( that word again ) - so working a bit of alchemy.
We also sat and looked at our own part in the whole scheme of things and asked ourselves a question..
"where do I see myself in a year's time - what do I want to achieve".

Every so often a clean out is needed, especially when there might be stagnation, and as our matra is "working with the energies of the earth" it is most appropriate that we used earth, air, fire and water  and the energies that they hold to refresh and renew.

We also put into place our dragon guardian ( thanks again to Jewell ) It is a reminder that we all have dragon energies stirring in us - that part of us that is the primordial brain, that part that acts on instinct and works without us even knowing it is happening like breathing and digesting. So our dragon will work quietly to see what needs to be done and intuitively will let us know without our need for effort. is the first day of the rest of your life...which is unlimited.
Blessed be!

Saturday, 9 October 2010

You dont really know me until you see my dark side!

Mwaaaha ha!!!
If all of our dark sides were as crazy as Dr. Evil's then we could possibly understand just how much of our own character our shadows bring into the light.We would just have to look in the mirror to see what others see!
And to be a bit cringlingly "new agey" for a moment, each of us that stands in the light will have a shadow - it is only when you stay in the darkness that the shadow seems to not be visible to you...
also the stronger the light shines on us the deeper and darker that shadow can become.
But, in most cases, we keep that side of ourselves hidden, undercover, and sometimes that part of us escapes from its prison when we can no longer hold it in.The dark side surfaces as an attitude, a remark, an opinion or more aggressively as an addiction, as fear or as violence.
But, it is only when you see and experience that dark side that you really know a whole human being - you know what they are capable of and you know their boundaries.
It can be tiring trying to balance these aspects all the time especially when our shadow is so trying to gain control and if we do not let off the steam valve from time to time then this side can take over in a big way - in such a way that we feel we cannot control it.
when we are just so continually "good" when all around us seems chaos and madness can make no sense to continue. Thats when we prop up our real needs by dipping into the dark waters ..
Keep your eye out for the dark side - you have one and so do I.
We can learn about what we really need to be our whole, integrated self by acknowledging what happens when it shows itself.

Friday, 8 October 2010

Mattara over and out!

We had an early morning rise today to get ourselves into gear and set up our marquee at the Foreshore for "Psychic Friday" at the local Mattara Festival.
"Psychic" Friday was supposed to showcase local mediums and psychics and well apart from us there were only two others!!!!
I guess that ended up being a good thing for us because we kind of got inundated for readings, which is really all people were after - we had a lot of stock but really people weren't terribly interested.
It was a long day and setting up and pulling it all down is a bit tiring for this old duck!
I always ask myself "why is it that I still do markets and fairs? "
It always is a great opportunity to make new friends and get yourself out there to the greater community.
The weather held off thank goodness - it would havejust been tragic if the rain had come pouring down.

Also, our resident psychic medium, John Overholt, who has been working from Sacred Elements since our opening, is now moving on with new and exciting ventures planned in coming months and so today he conducted his last readings from our office.
John has been signed with a large promotional company in Sydney and we anticipate his career to go gangbusters over the next twelve months. I am sure we will all be hearing big things from him in the future.
We wish him all the best and suggest that you look out for further news on his website about upcomming events.

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Dont take it personally....but!

Don Miguel Ruiz, says in his book The Four Agreements: “Nothing others do is because of you. What others say and do is a projection of their own reality, their own dream. When you are immune to the opinions and actions of others, you won’t be the victim of needless suffering,”
Sometimes this advice is much easier to follow than at other times - especially when we feel that trust is involved.
We may feel that we have trusted others with our secrets or feelings or love and they have disrespected that gift.
But I would have to aggree that the only one that fully understands your reality is you and to think that others will see things your way 100% of the time is really an unrealistic assumption.
It is hard not to be yourself and each person's emotional investment in any given moment and situation is different so what may hurt you totally may mean absolutely nothing to someone else - we should not be shocked by this because it is what it is and often to understand it as "nothing personal " will save you a lot of grief.

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Note to self:dont make any big plans when daylight savings starts!

Today I attempted ( sadly ) to start a new course at Sacred Elements but I forgot to factor in school holidays and the commencement of daylight savings.
No one could come!
Silly me - just because I thought it was a good idea I needed to remember that we were all coping with getting up earlier to lots of kiddies who are bored shitless and are being very demanding.
So I will reschedule to next month..much better idea.
Lots of people coming in seeing what we have on offer which is just brilliant!
I have a big week ahead culminating with our local Mattara "psychic day" at the Foreshore.
Lets pray that it does not rain or I will not be a happy girl!
If you are in the area - come by and say hello!

Monday, 4 October 2010

Dreaming of the French - Epic

Last night I had the most vivid dream that I was stuck in the Napoleonic Wars with French soldiers heading down to my village to burn it down - husband had gone off to fight and I was left to look after the home and the fields. As the soldiers started their raid ( with sabres flashing ) I froze - tried to find a place to hide but I had no furniture left in the house as it had all been sold to buy food - no where to hide - so I just stood in the main room waiting for the inevitable.
I could hear the screams from adjoining houses as people were being rounded up and then a young soldier entered in full uniform with a very ill fitting hat - then I noticed why it was not fitting him properly it was becasue he was only about 16 years old. He looked as scared as I was so I just ran out the back door.
There were more soldiers waiting and they grabbed me and led me to the middle of my own field. There I stood with a crowd gathering being yelled at to move. But I was frozen with fear and said that I was too afraid to go.My neighbours had their eyes lowered and would not look at me as I stood sobbing, but the soldiers were seeing this as a total waste of time and were getting very annoyed.
Then a soldier yelled that I either move or I would be killed there, where I stood, and that they would make the young 16 year old do it.
Then I woke up...

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Go the Druids!

Well, all sniggering and giggling aside ( from the non believers ) the Druids have won a great victory in England by becoming a recognised religion!
And so they should, as their history is richly interwoven within the very fibre that is England.
I am very happy for them and hope that they do justice to their ancestors ( who I know will be joyously celebrating this victory in every sacred grove across the country ).

I can imagine how difficult it is going to
Now on a more personal note,I really do not look forward to the time changeover - it takes me forever to get used to daylight savings - but I wll have even more time to get used to it this year as we will now be having about six months of it!
I know I speak for many mothers of teenagers all over Australia when I say that I know how much harder it will be to now try and get these kids out of bed a whole hour earlier than before - it is usually a momentous struggle for me at the best of times but now my attempts will be met with more anger and foul attitude than normal.I understand the whole body clock issues, the need for them to sleep more as thier body grows..blah...blah..but really, I have no recollection of anyone waking me up for school when I was 16.
I thinks its a conspiracy..

Friday, 1 October 2010

Another day, another tattoo...

Just about halfway through...I lay there thinking...mmmmm...maybe not????
But it was way too late....the tattoo artist was somewhere between "e"  and "n " and it was not a good time to ask him to stop.
Truth is I had been planning another tattoo for over a year and then when I started the business I knew it was going to be inevitable but these things have to happen when the "stars align".
Today on 01.10.10 it seemed like a good idea.

If you think those numbers are pretty spiffy - wait a few more days and then we get 10.10.10 - something fiercely transcendental is supposed to happen then or so I have read.
Gee...cant wait! Thats a few days before my birthday so it better be memorable.

Thursday, 30 September 2010

Flat out today

Even with doors flapping open and shut ( see last post ) I have been very busy today. Healings are going well with Diana who has worked out her own very special way to help her clients and has been getting great feedback.
I had a reading today where a little boy decided to make an appearance and tell me that he was waiting to come back into the family when the time was right.This message was passed on of course.
Tarot is a most beautiful tool and I love working with it  - I should use it for myself more often!!!!
But we are very good at giving advice sometimes but not taking our own..
I have put in three of my paintings into the Mattara Art prize - not really thinking about winning as the standard is very high and judges always pick their favourites...but would love to sell them.....they need to go to good homes.

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

When one door closes, another opens in its place....

and when it does, make sure your foot is ready to wedge itself in the gap so the bastard doesnt shut on you while you brace yourself.....
A few doors have been opening and closing - so much so that they have created a draft...
but, that's life..
Must say, its soooo good to have a mentor who does not have a personal agenda to anything that I do, and can look critically at situations that would bury me in emotion.
A good slap across the back of the head is sometimes needed and when that happens and leads you back on the right path you need to say..thankyou.
Thankyou Madame Q!

You're the One!

I listened intently to how a man's fortune changed from having $1.25 in the bank and starting a business with a loan of $50 from his brother to now kicking over 37 million and wondered how is it that some people get the call to high achievement and do it while others dont.
Such a simple idea, such a simple way to start - this guy did nothing magical. He just had a go and even started at the markets with one tressle table. He did do some very smart things along the way - thinking outside the square - doing it his way, whether others liked it or not and now he really does not give a flying **** what others say about him and still does things his way and is still making a bucket load of money, travelling the world and generally enjoying every moment of his life. Is he happy...oohh yes he is..he is indulging all of his fantasies and he is giving back to the world by setting up orphanages in very poor communities.
Now where is my idea?????
Come on, come on, come on.....I'm waiting!!!!!

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Lucky me..

As I sit here trying to contemplate on writing, my doggy is farting underneath my chair - totally disrupting my train of thought......mmm..concentrate....euwww..stop it Max!!!
How can something so adorable produce something so toxic...whilst snoring too...

Both husband and child are very slowly comming out of their awful viral infections, very slowly. It has drained the energy of the house and I expect that it will be days before they fully recover.
I almost lost my voice last night, as I have been on and off with feverish attempts of the devilish illness to take hold ..but it was the Goddess's way of telling me to shut up...must learn to listen.
Having talked today to some very influential like minded spirits ( real ones"real" flesh and bone ones ) my voice has returned and so has my energy.
Sometimes it pays to just do a little shooosh...and listen really hard...then you will hear the truth.

Monday, 27 September 2010

Mucky start to the week

Sometimes Mondays are just it was lovely to see two of my loveliest divine enchantresses today with not one but two coffee dates during my "hard working " Charlestown Square keeps growing bigger and bigger we now find ourselves with unlimited places to go for a much choice!
I asked my guides this morning to show themselves as I needed their support - I thought that I got no response, it just came in a way that I was not prepared for.
I am such a skeptic!

Saturday, 25 September 2010

Karmic Lessons v Karmic Debt

I have been reading about Karma today - a karmic debt always involves a very serious act where there has been violence and death perpetrated by one human being onto another, and may take many reincarnations to pay back ( bugger ).
On the other hand Karmic lessons are those basic to our evolution as human beings such as patience, love, trust, charity,etc.and may be learnt in one lifetime.
Our soul decides what lesson(s) we have to learn before we are reincarnated.
Reincarnation can therefore take centuries until the circumstances are just right for those lessons to take place or it can be immediate.
Then, it is up to us to choose the time and place for these lessons to be learnt as our life unwinds.
The lessons are there ready to be taken up - but we have freedom of choice, or free will,  to do so or to ignore.
That is why predicting the future is a fromidable task - As a reader, I always say to people that, some outcomes are easier to see coming ( or "on the cards " if you like ) as they tend to have a set pattern ( especially if repeated over and over during one's lifetime) but the circumstances by which you learn those lessons can vary greatly by the decisions you make.
Karmic debt may mean that you have suffered through an horiffic death at the hands of a perpertrator who then has to spend the next few incarnations "paying for his crime against another " and you, the victim, must learn to come to terms with the fears and emotions associated with the incident.
I wonder then, about those that went through World Wars 1 and 2 and may have had to kill or be killed and what of their debt, or lesson, in lives to come.
My understanding of karma is "what you reap you shall sow" ( to quote a Bible verse.)
It is not "an eye for an eye" - because in the end it all comes back to the greatest lesson for us all which is to learn how to love and be loved and you cannot do that by punishment, fear and retribution.

Friday, 24 September 2010

What the hell is a personologist?

Mmmmm..yes....this is now a professional term folks.I am at a loss to explain what it actually means other than trying to create a new word for counsellor/healer/personal coach...Maybe those terms dont work anymore and just saying that you are a "personologist" may make people go "gee... I have to go and see him...he's a personologist!
Or..."I am seeing a personologist!"
Really? How impressive!
I just might steal that term and stick it on my business card....
If YOU are a personologist, then forgive me for offending you.
If you are a personologist and are making big money from being one, that I am the stupid one aren't I?
I just think its a bit of a giggle. My view only.

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Much more important notice!

Become a follower on my blog site now!
Cause its bloody pathetic to have just one!


Unfortunately we have to cancel our event for this weekend - SPIRIT AND SOUL CONNECTIONS at Edgeworth Bowling Club scheduled for Sunday 26th September 2010.
This has occurred because of circumstances that were out of our control and we apologise to all for the inconvenience caused.
If you have purchased tickets from us please contact Sacred Elements for your refund.
Email us on:, send us a message via facebook or call us!
On a brighter note we will be celebrating the EQUINOX - OSTARA and FULL MOON tonight at Speer's Point Park under the trees and with the possoms who always come down to play.Start at 7pm.
For more details contact us!

Wednesday, 1 September 2010


26th SEPTEMBER 2010

A fantastic new experience in psychic event planning:including new age and hand made products, massage, kinesiologists, aura photography, reiki and psychic readings and more. Talks given by leading local businesses in the wellness industry as well as featuring well known and respected psychic medium and spirit seeker JOHN OVERHOLT who will give talks and readings at the end of each of the two sessions.
Tickets will be available a...t $30 per person and include a reading/ reiki treatment and goody bag with heap of discount vouchers!
Tickets available from or at Sacred Elements, 13 SMART st, CHARLESTOWN or Edgeworth Bowling Club on the day!
Hoping to see you all there!

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Mini Workshops now available

Get a group of friends together and hold a mini workshop on cleansing and protection, or basic spellcraft. Maybe you have questions about ghosts or psychic development?
Four workshops to choose from with two facilitators to work with you.
Stacks of fun and a great way to learn in a small intimate environment.
We will come out to you or you can come into our office at Charlestown - 2 hours @$25 per person - min 6 people with mini readings at the end.
For more info email us at:
Wishing you a Lucky week.

Friday, 20 August 2010

Busy week..

I have had some amazing experiences this week with a psychic fair last weekend, two gallery style mediumship shows with John Overholt and also a full day at a Women's Forum today. Plently of self promotion, something I battle with, but have to do.
All of these experiences have allowed me to meet many new people and have some fun.
I am grateful for such wonderful exeriences but also in awe of the amazing and forceful women that I have encountered who are so passionate and driven.
It is very true that if you want to achieve in a particular area of your life then surround yourself with positive like minded people - they will bolster your soul and allow you to grow without threat of jealously or hidden agendas.
There is always plenty to learn and any opportunity to hear from those that have had enourmously challenging life experiences can often put our own hardships into real perspective.
Have a blessed week!

Sunday, 15 August 2010

Amazing weekend

Psychic Fairs are a lot of work - please do not doubt this! Many who attend spend time driving to the venue and hours setting up. They have also invested their money in securing a site with no guarantee that any money will be made and their expences will be reimbursed. They are then open to all and sundry that come by to look, use and possibly buy or have a reading or just a chat.They normally then spend more money to find overnight accomodation and cover their food its not as thugh any of us make a bucket load of money.....but we do get ourselves out there and we share our love and knowledge for what we do.
Psychic Fairs can also be a wonderful place where those that are so passionate about what they do can get together and share space and time. They watch out for each other, network and connect, each encouraging the other with their work and their passion.They listen, they share and they acknowledge each others work.
They dont whinge -not one bit....The comment is,"All is as i should be"- you cant argue with that!
This is beauitiful to witness and be a part of.
And thus it was this weekend at Nelson Bay. Many stall holders - comming from as far as Sydney to Port Maquarie!
And, it seems that each stallholder will more often than not buy more from others than they will make from their own sales and services....they will go and have an aura photo or an iris examination - they will have a reading ( a treat for readers to find someone new to get a reading from ) and they will buy numerous crystals, incense and nic naks even though they dont need them...they get drawn in by the energy that they themselves create......
I bought a most beautiful ring from a lady all the way from Port Maquarie - it has a mystic topaz - a combination of green and purple ( my most favourite colour combination ).
Our own stall did very well with lots of information going out to many people.
I am hopeful that some of these will come into Sacred Elements and enjoy our services in the near future.
I also did a private readings on Saturday night out at Tenambit for a group of ladies who were very open and very receptive - this made my work so very easy. We had contact with a departed beloved grandma and many tears - we had some revelations and some issues raised that needed to be dealt with - all in all I am hoping I gave these ladies something to think about!
A wonderfully spirit filled weekend.
Blessings for the week ahead...

Saturday, 7 August 2010

Catch me at Nelson Bay Psychic Fair

I will be at Nelson Bay Psychic Fair this comming weekend August 14th and 15th!
It is happening at "The Bunker" at the Marina at Nelson Bay - come and say hello at the "SACRED ELEMENTS" stall where you will be able to have a reading for just $20!
Pick up some brochures and  info about our courses!
Enquire about our mini workshops that can COME TO YOU - for groups of 5 or more at just $20 per person ( special introductory offer) . We have 2 hour workshops in psychic development, spiritual connections, spellcrafting and protection and us on for details.
Also I am available for readings at my office starting at just $40 for 20 minutes!

Monday, 26 July 2010

Please check out new facebook pages!

We have two new facebook pages with great info on whats on and comments and ideas :
Sacred Elements ( on facebook )
and Gaia Mother Earth Project ( on facebook )
join the growing community today!

Saturday, 17 July 2010

How nice the warmer weather....

Getting some sun is very important to our general health and well being...just 10 minutes a day.
Good for all states of depression and malaise as well. I remember as a child I had a friend who was ill and I went to visit her...her grandmother had set her up outside on the verandah with hankies, tea and a blanket to cover her as she had a very bad case of the flu, with the command that the sun will do her "a world of good".
Grandma was right ( of course ).
I feel sorry for those who have to hit the trail to work before the sun gets up and do not get home until the street lights go on at dusk....a lunch time walk outdoors is then a must.
We are slowly now coming out of winter and can warm our bones in the beautiful sunshine as it is certainly getting much warmer where I live. So grab a cuppa, and comfy chair and head out doors even for a brief respite form your crazy day..
It will do you the world of good.  Blessings.

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Time for a clean out..

Every so often it is a really good idea to have a spring clean...even if it is in the middle of winter!
Just to let go of stuff that no longer serves a purpose.
Piles of papers, notes, books and paraphenalia that you hang on to for security and that tell a story about where you have been and what has been special over the past few months or years...but de cluttering can also make way for new exciting stuff..
and it feels good to tidy up physically, mentally and spiritually..

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Wow...amazing readings yesterday!!

I was invited to read at a very small hens party last night and was quite delighted to be surprised by a wonderful group of ladies who embraced my readings with great enthusiasm.
It is always a bit of a hard start - you have to proove yourself as a reader, as usually the first person will come out of a reading at a party and either go "wow" or "that was crap" which will set up the rest of the group with expectations or dissapointment...well, thank the Goddess, my first lady said "wow".... and so that laid the foundation for open, connected ladies who enjoyed my style of tarot reading and all thanked me for my time and "logos".
A few ladies were dealing with major tragedies, and I hope that what came through in the readings were helpful to their situations, but, I think by the end I had encountered every type of issue and problem - just goes to show that we all really just want the same, peace and happiness.

Sunday, 27 June 2010

Central Coast Masquerade Ball

I was lucky to attend the pagan ball on the Central Coast last night organised by the Pagans in the Park group held at Myuna Bay.
Wow......and wow again.
It was fancy dress and everyone just went crazy wild with the most beautiful outfits, including knights in armour, magicians, sages, ladies in waiting etc...
There was a fantastic Celtic rock band that entertained us all night long as well as a singing intro from one of the lovely ladies who is part of the organising group on the Coast.
There was also Dani and her group of ladies who perfromed a goth/tribal dance - words escape me.
This was a mesmerising performancing with the ladies putting their hearts and souls into theirdance.
I had a fantastic night.
I am in full admiration that the group put such an event together - something to aspire to ??

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Full Moon this weekend!

Full moon in Capricorn this weekend! Time to cut ties and release negative energies that may be holding you back. Also time for changes that may rock your foundations! Hang on everybody!!!!!!
We are holding a ritual on Sunday night ( as we are going to the Masquerade Ball on the Central Coast on Saturday night).
If you are thinking of creating change in your life use this full moon to breathe in the strong energies and light a candle of protection for yourself. Say a strong affirmation to boost your self esteem and while you blow out the candle visualise blowing away all of the things that you no longer wish to have influencing your life!
P.S. Always make sure you are careful with lighted candles - never leave them unattended and remember - hot wax burns!!!!

Sunday, 20 June 2010

What a huge day!

A fantastic event for Newcastle takes place once at month at the Great Northern Hotel ( right opposite the train station in Newcastle).
A enthusiatic team is trying to bring life into this beautiful old building.
They hold a Great BAR BAZAAR once a month in the downstairs area - a themed event encouraging local artists and small cottage businesses to display their wears.
We attended this bazaar yesterday providing psychic readings, crystals, bracelets, incense etc.
It was a great success - catch up with us next month!
Later that afternoon I attended a 50th birthday party and did mini readings for 10 women.
Another great day in the life of a psychic.

Friday, 18 June 2010

Seems that no matter how hard you try...

Someone is not going to like you.
Someone might talk about you - no matter how hard you try.
Because you might think you are trying your best, but they dont.
I have had a few incidences this week where I, and others I know, yes other psychics, may have been trying their hardest...but it just wasn't enough.
I am sure John Edwards has these moments.
I am sure Alison DuBois has these moments.
There will always be a skeptic even a friend or family member who may walk away mumbling awful things - no matter how good you are!
They may do that even if you do nothing at all - strange that isnt it!


Tomorrow I will be at the Great Northern Hotel at the Bar Bazaar from 11am to 4pm.
The Pub will be holding its fair day with lots of stalls good music, food and of course the bar will be open.
We will be at the Sacred Elements stall and I will be doing 10 minute readings - come in and talk to us and pick up a brochure! It should be a great day. This is the first one we are doing so I am looking forward to the experience.

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Goddess magazine available here!

We now stock "Goddess" Magazine at Sacred Elements at only $8.95 a copy.
This is a new magazine published in Australia with beautiful full colour pages filled to the brim with pagan/wiccan articles.
It is a very classy mag and is out bi - monthly.
Come have a flick through one and purchase directly from us!
or email and ask us to save you a copy!

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Would you like to book a Party?

You may like to book a psychic for your next party?
Its something fun and interesting for your guests and readings are kept short and fun!
They are especially fun at kitchen teas and doe shows as well work gatherings.

I suggest 15 minute readings for each guest that would like one - its a combination of some palmistry and tarot and of course if I see any spirits ( not of the alcoholic variety ), I will certainly let my clients know...
You can also organise a mediumship evening with our resident medium John Overholt....
at Sacred Elements or at your place.
Here the theme is all about connecting with the departed and souls that are around us.

We are off to Melbourne tomorrow to go to the Mind Body Spirit Festival as we missed the one in Sydney last month as I was away in Japan.
We are also taking advantage of catching up with family and friends so it will be a wonderful weekend.
We will be back at work next Tuesday straight after the long weekend.

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Lots of new things at Sacred Elements coming soon!!!!

Now there are just not enough hours in the day and days in the week to allow for what we would like to have at Sacred Elements...but things will slowly get done for sure.
Readings are back on with appointments necessary - so email me at for available times.
We also have our resident Medium working by appointment. John also has a very comprehensive intiutive workshop available.
Look him up at:
Party bookings are also available!

Sometimes it can be hard to open up during a private can come to a psychic hoping that they will have the answers to all of your problems, but a good psychic will work with you and help you to identify the answers that you already know.
A psychic should not take responsibility for your problems or issues nor ever say that there is 100% of accuracy in a reading......your future is never set in is flexible and changes are inevitable especially in the light of information that you may receive during a reading.
The choices are always there - and they are always yours!!!!!!
My job is to show you the choices - your job is to choose..................

Thursday, 27 May 2010


We will be running a discovery Day into Past lives with Robert Todd who specialises in Stress Management,
Symbology, Negotiations, Interpersonal Skills, Presentation Skills and the Power ofthe Mind . He is also a successful publicspeaker and is sought after as a conference presenter.
I am giving you a lot of forewarning as this workshop will fill up fast!!!!!!!
You can make bookings by contacting us via email at:
Workshop: Discover your past Lives!
Date: Saturday July 3rd 2010
Time: 10am to 4pm
COST: ONLY $40!!!!
Where: Sacred Elements, 13 Smart street Charlestown ( right next to Charlestown Square )
You will learn how and why you chose this life, meet your guide and find out what you have learnt so far.You will go back into a past life and see how those emotions still effect you today!
Book Now!!!!!!

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Tarot Readings available and John Overholt night tonight!

Tonight, Wednesday 26th May John Overholt will be having a Psychic Show at Hamilton RSL starting at 7.30 pm.John's evenings are always very entertaining and tickets are only $20 - available at the door!

I am also back for anyone after Tarot card readings any time between 10am to 4pm Mon- Fri!

Monday, 24 May 2010

Finally home!

Today we pack for home!
Leaving Tokyo tonight and flying in to the Gold Coast  tomorrow morning.
I will be back on board on Thursday in a milder form due to a foot injury which occurred in the last days of my visit.
Also I have taken on some new ideas and aspects that I have learnt about myself , as one would hope to do when visiting so many temples ans being privy to so many holy and extraordinary sights.....
I have changed my opinions on my direction and my own knowledge and find myself with personal tasks ahead that will help with my own personal growth -  it has given me time with family and time to think - it has made many things very clear.
It has again broadened my view of the world and highlighted the need for us all to consider ourselves as one big global family.
Hope to see you soon at Sacred Elements!

Sunday, 16 May 2010

One week down and one more to go!-

Time flies when you are enjoying yourself and I must say that we are....and we are also full of noodles and funky Japanese pastries too!!
You should see the price of sandwiches here...they are at least $7 - $8 for just one and considered quite a delicacy. They also serve sandwiches with cream and strawberries inside.
I have made my sojourn to Inari Temple and walked through the 1000 torii gates.That nearly gave me a heart attack!What a hike! But magnificent.
More exploration of Kyoto to come with the old district of Gion tomorrow.

Friday, 7 May 2010

Turning Japanese...

Just a reminder that I will be unavailable for consultations and readings until after May 25th - I am heading over to Japan to study up on Shinto, visit a temple or two and generally eat a lot of udon and unspeakable things on sticks.........
thank God I have packed my elastic waisted pants.....
Sacred Elements will still be open for anyone wishing to enquire about workshops etc and we will have John Overholt our resident Medium here for readings by appointment only!
Be Good everyone!

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Open Morning at Sacred Elements

This Saturday morning 8th May between 9am to 1pm we will be having an open morning at Sacred Elements.
We have plenty of stock for great Mother's Day gift ideas and also vouchers for readings and healings available as well as hand made Mother's Day cards.
We will be offering $20 readings and Reiki and also John Overholt our guest Medium will be here for consultations.
We have an array of workshops starting shortly so pick up a pamphlet and ask us about whats going to be happening over the Winter months!
Everyone is welcome!

Sunday, 2 May 2010

If you are passionate about what you do...then stay with it!

Dreams may all seem easy while we are sleeping - but in the dawning light we often get scared of the realities attached to what we really want and dont go through with it or spend our whole life regretting that we never at least gave it a try.
At 50 ( odd ) I can see that it is imperative to at least try, even once, if at all possible...
this life is fleeting and from day to day we are never sure of what the future will bring.
Nothing is set in concrete - I say that to people all the time in readings..we cannot ever guarantee anything will work ( even the best made plans have a quirky way of suprising us).
The tarot expresses to us that life is a journey, and a cycle that will be repeated many times over during our lives, where we often start right at the beginning, like "The Fool" until we reach the end "The World" which is always again like the beginning...
along the way we will meet our nemesis and our dark side and we will meet angels as we need to take the dark and the light as expressions of the everything needing to be felt for it to be a genuine experience.

Monday, 26 April 2010

Free Night with John Overholt!

There is going to be a free evening with John Overholt - our resident Medium, who will speak about living a more spiritually rich life.
He will give hints and techniques that he uses and that have transformed his life...
John is a powerful speaker and I am sure that there is much that he wishes to share with you -
Plus, this night is FREE!!!!!
Date : Monday 3rd May
Time: 7pm
Tea and coffee will be served ( Gold coin donation gratefully accepted!!)

Please come along to our space at Sacred Elements, 13 Smart street Charlestown and enjoy the evening!!!!!

We ask that you confirm you intention to attend by emailing us at

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Ritual as part of our lives...

In past generations important milestones in our lives were always marked with ritual.
Get togethers were held with important others from the community and family members who would honour times of the year, special events, growing up, birth, death. These were parts of our inititation into life.
We understood the process - we knew that there was importance in waiting for and reaching goals that we could not have it all at once but had to wait until we were old enough or had life experience.
Teaching about ritual allows us to slip between the worlds and back to the ways of our ancestors where the elders handed down the teachings held sacred at these special and auspiscious times and it was an honor to be in circle and listen.
In many cases our elders are now shunned and disrespected because they are old and out of touch and a problem - how things have turned around....
We celebrate a full moon this week and also the beginning of the darker time of the year - Samhain, a time to remember those that are no longer with us, those we have lost and miss.
Very fitting to have Anzac day so close to this sabbat - Lest we forget.In your haste to be patriotic and have a beer and get loud do not forget to also be humble and grateful for those that gave their lives for their country.

Monday, 19 April 2010

Good news another week and I am still alive!!!!

Good health and a full calendar of activities is always a bonus, isnt it!
Life has to be full to the brim - I think that it has to have expectations, things to look forward to - a goal.
Even if it is small one, as long as it helps to pull you forward and gives you a reason to keep paddling through what can sometimes be extremely deep shit!

I find I am starting this week rather tired but very excited and wonder what will happen sometimes has ways of fixing itself, its about relinquishing the total desire to remain in full control - always.

I had a few issues appear this weekend that did not go according to original plans but....
actually, by having that happen I extended my view beyond what I thought I could see and looked further, searched harder and found better......
good analogy for life in general ....

Friday, 16 April 2010

New Workshops and Retreat planned..

We have been busy indeed!
Our Career Coven is now ready to go - we will commence upon my return from overseas which will be in the first week of June for the Winter season.
Each 'coven' lasts for only 12 weeks and is made of of those wishing to find a supportive environment to get past transitioning in their careers or getting stuck in negative patterns.
This is really something most suited to those in business or wanting to start their own and wishing to incorporate spirituality into their every day practise.
We are also making some retreats available this year as a continuation upon this theme.
Lots of new things to come so stay posted on our web site:
We now have a "What's on this Week" - so you can go and check out whats happening.
Have a good weekend!

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

What a day!

Our meeting today with Stacey Demarco went very well.
She is a delightfully grounded, very polite and humble person.
Stacy also knows what she is talking about and comes from a successful corporate background. She has dealt with big business ( really big ) and this in no way has given her a "big head" or ego.
She is genuine and sincere and she offered her time to Diana and myself for free to talk about the Career Coven that we will be starting in Newcastle.
We will be starting in June ( for the winter season )for our first group.
It will be targeted at those who work in business but are finding life unsatisfactory or lacking. Its about people in transition, starting their own business or needing a push in the right direction.
Its about creating a group of people who will help, guide and influence others into being proactive and in turn be helped themselves.
We will have guidelines regarding the group based on Stacey's book "Witch in the Boardroom" and we will be able to utilize her skills and knowledge in having worked at perfecting these covens for over 7 years. There are covens working all over Australia and overseas.
They will be of 12 week duration.
Sounds interesting?
I cant wait!!!!!
If you want to be part of our first one - send me a message.

Friday, 9 April 2010

Big Week Ahead

Well another big week looms...
I am doing a party reading tomorrow night out at Salamander Bay.
Next week is already starting to build with bookings at Sacred Elements.
One great thing is that I am getting to do more Reiki which I just love!
Hopefully we are heading to Sydney on Wednesday for a meeting ( while I'm there I will go visit my mum at the Nursing Home ).
My trip to Japan is just around the corner so I am still holding off with some commitments until I return then I can really get stuck into it.

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

All going well.....

Things are going along very well at our new little business. We are getting walk ins off the street which is a good sign as it means that we are getting into the loop of retailers and service providers out there - it requires LOTS of networking. We have just scraped the tip of the iceberg.
Networking and advertising are just so important..
We have lots of brilliant ideas for events to come, so I will keep you posted.

Some friends of mine will be organising a "Pagan Musical Picnic" event in a weeks
Event: Pagan Musical Picnic

Date: Saturday 17th April

Time: 11am

Venue: Mount Sugarloaf (right turn before you reach the top carpark, sign posts will be there to help)- an opportunity to get together with like minded people and make some noise with chanting, drumming, and having a good time.
Good Luck with this girls!

Also next week we have an appointment to see Stacy De Marco ( from "The One" and "Witch in the Boardroom "fame ) we will be talking about business...

Thursday, 1 April 2010

They have all gone mad!

Why is it that every time a holiday comes around everyone goes into a frenzied panic about buying food?
Are we really on the brink of starvation?
Are we really living day to day, meal to meal and do none of us have anything at all in the freezer or pantry?
Do we not prepare for an impending holiday?
Can we really not survive one day, just one day without being able to go to the shops?
Why do people have to feel that they need a months worth of supplies....
surely ?
and I always seem to fall into the trap of having to buy those last minute incidentals and therefore I am thrust into the noise and chaos of crazy people in their hundreds raging inside enclosed areas....euwwwwww!!!!!!
I spent almost an hour at the fish co - op today just to buy some prawns. When I walked in I was number 1056 and they were only up to 975.....what made me do it?
Maybe just the experience of standing with others looking aimlessly at the poor staff filletting and scaling like possessed zombies and listening to those customers that are used to all of this telling me that today it was relatively quiet - at Christmas they had to wait for two hours in a queue from five oclock in the morning......really.....would you bother?

Wednesday, 31 March 2010


Its Easter just around the corner and time to buy loads of chocolates - so this year why dont you buy a chocy BILBY instead of eggs or bunnys.
You can get BILBY'S in some supermarkets, Chemists etc....and part of the money raised from the sales goes towards saving this beautiful and endangered Australian animal.
What a wonderful way to support this worthwhile cause!

Saturday, 27 March 2010

Psychic Investigations

This weekend I had the opportunity to take part in a psychic investigation at an old Pub in Morpeth. There is allegedly some psychic phenomenom occuring according to the caretaker and some of the staff - as usual, late at night or in the early morning there can be footsteps heard on the stair case and in the hallway and a lady and child have been seen on several ocassions in rooms on the property.

The staff were very open and excited about us being there, and were hoping that we could find out some more information during our stay. I could only be there for a few hours, but some other intrepid ladies took it upon themselves to sleep overnight in the haunted room.

They had been there a few weeks earlier and actually reported it to be very quiet so they wanted to give it another go.

I felt energies the moment I entered the lounge rooms downstairs. There were also many different energies in the "haunted room" but none were angry or malevolent.
I actually felt a lot of female energy and that of a baby in a cot, and that the room was used as a convalescing area for a family member who was very sick with influenza.
I actually was told to move off the bed at one stage as I was being very naughty by sitting on it and ruffling the linen...and I smelt voilets which would be placed in the room to mask smells and odours.
This week I will be going to Ms Porters House on King street for some more ghost hunting!!!!

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Amazing workshops comming up!

We have an amazing workshop with Reiki Master Jerry on April 17th (Saturday) about self empowerment.This gentleman is in his eighties...yes, eighties, and has a wealth of amazing information that he enthusiastically wants to share.
The morning will cost $50 - starting at about 10am to 2pm.
Please email me if you are interested.

Also in June I will be conducting a 12 week workshop based on "The Artist's Way".
It is an intensely creative and therapeutic journey to unblock and unlock your talent and help you live a more enthusiastic and creative life.
It is suitable for just about anybody but especially for those who are experiencing trouble in moving forward in their chosen artistic fields of endeavour.
It has been proving successful for lawyers as well as artists, potters, writers, doctors and housewives and these workshops have been going for over ten years all over the world.
"The Artist's Way" workshop is very inspirational and uplifting - class numbers will be kept small to allow for interaction and lots of discussion.
Classes will be held during the evenings on Tuesdays at a cost of $15 per week.
If I have enough interest I will also run a class during the day for those that prefer it when kids are at school.
Again, please contact me if you are interested as this workshop will fill up fast.

We are also running a beginners "Ancient Wisdom" class - for those wishing to learn about wicca. It is an eight week course covering all of the basics including ritual, sabbats, esbats, sacred space, ethics and the wiccan rede to name just some of the topics.
This class will be running on Thursday evenings and starts soon!

Conact me at:

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Catch up with me at Sacred Elements

Please visit for further information about services that are available.
We also have some fantastic workshops lined up to being next month - we will have specifics listed shortly.
Life is rolling along at full speed - it is just one of those time where I find myself doing too many things at once and really needing to do them all.
I know women are very good at multi tasking - but sometimes we make a rod for our own backs dont we?

Monday, 15 March 2010

A few things going on...

As our web site is not up and going yet...let me just say that:
At Sacred Elements this week:
Tuesday - Meditation 11am
Wednesday - Psychic Development class 11am
Wednesday evening - Tarot class 7pm
Please let me know if you are coming!

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Short day On Monday

For anyone visiting Sacred Elements on Monday - just letting you know that we have a short day due to other commitments - so the office will be open form 10.45 to 2.15 only!
Back to normal on Tuesday 10am to 4pm!
I had a wonderful party booking on Saturday with a great bunch of ladies - there was one amazing reading that stands out for me, where I had a visitation from the lady's Grandmother who came by and got quite emotional. It was a feeling of being entered by this entity, for a brief moment, as the message that she was around wanted to send a warning was an important one.

Saturday, 13 March 2010

Super First Week!

Sacred Elements is now officially off to a great start!
We had a few readings in the first week and they worked very well from the reading room. I also did some Reiki and we also did some energy healing using the new table.
Even though we have construction work happening outside the front door its amazing how quickly one just goes into the 'zone' and it all seems to fade away.
I am very pleased with the first weeks result and now we are working hard to finally get the web site off the ground and put in some workshops and classes.
I am busy with a psychic party booking later today and also attending to an art exhibition that I am exhibiting at tomorrow.
It was nice to sleep in this morning.

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Week One is nearly done!

My, how time flys when you are enjoying yourself!
It has been our first week at Sacred Elements and we have spent this time setting up, making things bright and shiny and talking and networking.
Healing and energy work is something that is very important to me at the moment so we will be concentrating on providing a safe space for reiki and meditation.
We will also start some classes next week.
I am introducing tarot and psychic development ( one on one ) and class structure, meditation and a drop in wicca class on Thursday evenings at 7pm.
Tarot class is Wednesday 11am.
If you are interested in either class drop us a line!
Blessings to you.

Monday, 8 March 2010

Bookings already coming in!

How cool - I am already getting bookings !
Busy in and out of Kaos Headquarters ( the new nic name for Sacred Elements office )
Going to do some foot work and deliver some brochures and advertising to let people know that we are functioning - so please contact us and make an appointment before you come in...we are likely to be out having a coffee or doing something important! He...he...

Saturday, 6 March 2010

This blog has moved

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For feed subscribers, please update your feed subscriptions to

New Office working well..

Today I had my first clients in my new office.
It was a lovely experience to greet them into my new home - thank you "A" and "K" for being the first of many that I see there.
It was a bit of trial and error to see whether the placement of chairs and tables was ok and how the new energies would work but I was very, very pleased with the results.
We have a very male energy already working within the space - very bold, safe and protecting.
Also I was afraid that maybe the outside noises would affect the concentration within the reading, but after the first minute we seemed to just get into a zone...a space within a space.
Clearing and protection will be done on a daily basis to ensure that nothing is stored in corners or floats in and out of the rooms so we expect that the space will always feel fresh and light.
Cant wait to do some more!

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Very exciting news!

I am very pleased to announce that I am opening a new business venture with a close friend.
It is called "Sacred Elements".
The office is located upstairs at 13 Smart street, Charlestown ( just in front of the main doors of Charlestown Square ).
We will be open from 10am to 4pm daily - weekends or after hours by appointment.
We will be offering psychic readings, mediumship, workshops and psychic development classes, ancient wisdom, massage, reiki and energy healing.
It is also the home of the Newcastle Paranormal and Research Society and the United Pagan Church of Australia.
Please come and say hello - book in for a reading or a reiki!

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Sometimes new experiences can be frightening

It isnt always the paranormal that can frighten us..often it is just the normal experiences in life that require us to change, to get out of our safety circle and to enter into the world from a new direction.
Often it can take someone ages to do so...because when YOU change everything around you also has to change.
Its like throwing a pebble in the water and watching the ripple effect on the surface. It can just keep spreading .......and it often takes some time after the pebble is thrown in for the waters to become still again...but they always do.

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Paranormal Investigation at Mrs. Porter's House Approved!

Have received good news that we have been allowed to enter Mrs Porter's House on King street to do a short investigation looking for signs of ghostly presences or energes.
This is sure to be informative and should reveal some information that will be helpful to the custodians of the property.
Will keep you updated.

Friday, 19 February 2010

Interesting ...very interesting...

I am helping out a friend of mine who is writing the script for a short movie at the moment.
As it is based around a seance and ouiji board I volunteered my help with possibly getting some of the details authentic. You can't muck about with these things now can you, or all of those devotees of all things spooky and paranormal will be onto you in a flash - I said to him.
So I have spent today writing some variations for my friend to consider  ( although, I am a bit apprehensive )
I stress that they are only ideas - can you image having created a story and then every Tom, Dick and Harry telling you that they can write it better?
But I did offer....and he did say yes....
So I am having a great deal of fun.

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Learning new Tricks!

Last night I was able to spend a few hours learning new songs and chants from a beautiful crone ( yep.... this is actually a compliment! ) named Esme, a lady from Canada, who gave of her time to play the harp, sing songs and teach dance and share with us the experience of wicca from the other side of the world.
Interestingly enough, it was all very familiar and we realised just how connected and similar our path is!
I met quite a few new people and we were all pushed out of our comfort zones to sing loudly and to dance and as much as we thought it was going to be possibly hard or difficult and that we might make fools of ourselves, I really dont think that anyone cared....we were having too much of a good time.
So lovely to see everyone so happy with a spoonful of sillyness and a pinch of groundedness added to the mix!!!

Monday, 15 February 2010

Mrs Porters House

Mrs Porter's House is a National Trust building located on King street, Newcastle. I have been meaning to do a tour for many years, but like many things in life I kept saying "maybe later" even though it is right under my nose.
Yesterday I finally found the time to have a look though this magnificent little treasure house - a glimpse into the past.
The house is intact, as it was left by the two sisters that occupied it until just after the earthquake, when there was extensive damage to the house and the ladies had to be virtually dug out and relocated until the house was made safe again.
They became too old to even climb the stairs to their bedrooms and so spent the last years of their lives in the back end of the house ( which by the way is where thieir energy has stayed ) which contains the kitchen and laundry.
So they both had a very small bed each side of the cooker and that where they stayed and also tended the small garden outside.
The voulnteers that give of their time to tell you about the house and its owners are very generous with insights to the era that the sisters lived in.It is a space frozen in time and actually a fantastic way to show children what life looked like 100 years ago.
It amazed me that even thought the house was "given" to the city by the sisters, and it is the only one of its type in Newcastle, the city council sees fit to charge rates, which makes it a very expensive little enterprise!

The National Trust has to hold fundraisers and also charge an entry fee to cover costs and the only thing that makes it all work is the effort of the volunteers who spend hours doing renovations to keep the house in the pristine state that you will find it.

I am hoping that we will be allowed to do a paranormal research evening in the house as I believe that the two sisters are still very much there.  I have asked about this, and I hope to get a reply - will keep you informed.

Saturday, 13 February 2010

Morpeth Ghost Tour

Here we are last night during the Morpeth Ghost Tour with Troy giving a talk about the history of the Cottage he is standing in front of. It was a great group of ladies last night, lots of photos taken and some ghostly activity at some of the spots where we stopped along the way. One young lady had some really good questions that made us all think - I hope that my input during the evening was helpful, I certainly enjoyed the interaction. I thought that the stormy weather would heighten some of the activity last night , but it ended up being very tiring as the heat was still very oppressive. The storm bypassed us and left a heavy humidity.
There were some changes last night that were quite different from my first and second ghost tours - especially around Closebourne House at the top of the hill past the Avenue of Trees. I really feel that there will be some quite significant changes around that area ( on the land ) in the next few months and the spirits guarding the house are starting to place barriers and protection around the property. It may also be a matter of just being a bit more respectful when we walk up there.Maybe the ghosties have had enough of the disturbances?

Often the area around a church has been used as burial grounds for unmarked graves in years gone past. Hundreds of years ago only the rich or important could be buired on the grounds of a church, as it was seen to be very protective of the soul and it also drew parishoners to the church to pray at the grave sites.
The Anglican Church at Morpeth holds some of the bodies of the early settlers, and I can certainly feel their energies still very active when I cross the grounds at the side of the church. Saying a prayer is a small gift that we can give to secure peace for those that have made this journey before us.

I would love to hear from the ladies that spent an evening in the "haunted' room at the pub down the road....they had great plans for trying to contact the spirit residing there. I am interested in finding out what happened for them.

Historically Troy adds more and more information every time we walk - its like a mirror into the past and certainly adds another dimension to the small township which is a real treasure to our area.

Friday, 12 February 2010

Just a word of advice - please dont go see several psychics about the same question. It will do your head in!

Just see one - that will do. Going from one psychic to another in the hope that what they will tell you what you want to hear is not really how its supposed to work...
I raise this issue, as I had someone today who had done just that.....I was psychic number four and this poor person was now in 'melt down' mode.
Mind you, I also had to put my foot down and suggest that this person stop turning cards when not asked to and stop demanding another answer when they had not received hte one that they liked....
All I could do was say what I had been directed to say and to ask this person to please consider stepping away from the issues that were about to send them crazy...
Misinformation or givng a client what they want serves no one.
In the end I have to feel that I have been as ethical as I can be  ( the word 'ethics' and 'psychics' can often be seen as an oxymoron - a combination of contradictory terms ) but it is possible to be an ethical psychic, as long as you are not setting out to delude, lie or manipulate.

And, hopefully the client can walk away feeling more knowledgable about their life situations than when they walked in.

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

An afternoon with the Spiritualists.

I spent an afternoon in payback mode today - giving free readings to a group of ladies at the Spiritualist Church in Newcastle. I had dropped in to leave some info and was bombared with tea , scones, sandwiches and requests for an "outsider" to do some readings.
So, for the next hour or so, I gave my new cards a hard workout with a crowd of people "in the know" reading for it was a good test for me.
It is a rare opportunity for readers to get a reading from someone that does not know them, I know this - and so when an opportunity arises you grab it with both hands.
Also, it was a bit of karma payback, giving my time for free and picking up some karma bonuses!
Could not fit another scone in even if I tried...

This Friday night I am off to do another Ghost Tour at Morpeth....can't wait!

Saturday, 6 February 2010

Are looks deceiving?

Yes they are. I have fallen into the trap of forming an opinion about someone based on what they look like. Usually this opinion was stinkingly wrong. (I was young and most things were based on what people dressed like as I was always in St.Vinnies specials and had a huge chip on my shoulder.)
Ít is a reflex that we develop that is really required by our psyche - it is a bit of a safety device. If people look "good" to us, that means we will be safe around them. If they look "bad" to us then we are threatened and feel unsafe, they may harm us.Our subconscious is sending us a warning to be careful.
So it is a reflexive and defensive mechanism, but then we are always told to "get to know someone".
Sometimes getting to know certain people allows them in and then it can be difficult to disconnect.
It is therefore important to know if our reactions are based on ego cues ( she is too fat, too beautiful, too rich ) or intuitive cues ( something about him just does not feel right, something she says does not fit with how she acts ect..)
It is important to read the signs and energy people send out, maybe one day it could save you from a really sticky situation.It does not mean that you are aloof or critical, it just means that you are being careful and those people worth knowing will understand.

Friday, 5 February 2010

Meeting an angel?

Yesterday I was visiting my mum at a nursing home in Sydney and had to take her to an appointment with a specialist. When we returned, there was an extra staff member on that I had never met before - this lovely lady is a nun from the Holy Family Order, and what astounded me was the beauty of her aura.
Truely I have not witnessed such a beautiful energy in a very long time - it was astounding to stand close to her.
I felt that she could have said anything, but I was not really listening to her words, but I was feeling her energy and it felt so pure and good that I experienced a spontaneous and wonderful calmness and peace within myself. She must work wonders for some of the residents in all their various states of unwellness.
I would love to know more about her, maybe I will bump into her again next time I visit.
Some people just effect you that way, dont they?
Its the feeling that you experience when you are around them - and its an overwhelming goodness, such a strong groundedness and 'egoless' persona that it can leave an impression.

I am so glad that this lady is looking after my mum.

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

First Harvest Celebration!

Lughnassadh is the name given to what used to be the time of the year of the first of three harvest festivals ( coming into the autumn and winter seasons ).The plants and food crops sewn and grown during spring and summer were now becomming ready to harvest and to store for the hard, cold and dark months to come.
There had to be lots of planning and lots of luck for the harvests to be fruitful, so, ofcourse, our ancestors were a very superstitious bunch, and therefore employed the Gods to bestow their kindness upon their communitites. Rituals were held to honor them and gain their positiverecognition.
Circles were cast and ceremonies invoking the Goddess and God were held in every community as gifts of fruit and grains were symbolically presented. There would be chanting, singing and dancing as in each person's heart lay the fear of an impending winter and the desire for the Gods to see their precious family and livestock through the treacherously hard winter.
We remember, at this time, how lucky we are to have full fridges and freezers and not have to worry about the same hardships that our ancestors had to endure.
So at this first harvest time may we thank our own Gods, whoever they may be, for letting us live such abundant lives!