Sunday, 31 January 2010

Focus, focus, focus!

 I have been watching Hulk Hogan ( from World Championship Wrestling ) talking about focus and about manifestation.Yes, the Hulk himself is a very spiritual man.
He was saying that he has realised that what you think is what you create, so it is important to be vigilant with regard to your thoughts!
I was impressed!
It is important to create an equilibrium between your inside world and your outside world - so your thoughts need to reflect your actions and visa versa.
It is harder than it sounds, as most of us a plagued with feelings of self doubt, and these thoughts then sabotage everything that we want to achieve.
It is dead energy - which can leave us continually procrastinating being afraid to make any decisions at all.
Any movement is better than no movement, so they say.
So even if your initial steps may turn out less than successful, at least you will learn from the experience - not doing anything leads only to frustration and a feeling of powerlessness.
Listen to the Hulk.....

Friday, 29 January 2010

Full Moon Tonight

Tonight's Blue Moon was celebrated with some friends - celebrating another month passing and to send love to those that have suffered loss in the last few days.
It is always so sad when someone close dies - and two losses were mentioned tonight.
One was an unexpected shock, the other, after a long painful illness.
Families have been left devasted and shattered.
So we gathered our thoughts and sent them off with love - and then we ate cake and gave thanks for what we have.

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

New Cards to play with - Goodie!

I was presented with a very big surprise today - my sweet partner bought me a new set of tarot cards that I had been admiring on the internet a few weeks ago. As is usual, the moment I show interest in anything, he is out the door and buying it for me!How lucky am I!
These cards are totally outstanding, very individual and I am hoping will be a very intuitive deck.

If you have ever struggled with buying a tarot deck for yourself, you will know that it is a very personal choice and sometimes ( other than the purchase of your very first learning deck which is more often than not a Ryder Waite deck ) it can be a very difficult choice as it is something that has to speak to you.
It is good to be able to see a full deck, as sometimes you can get caught out by seeing a great set of Major Arcana on the internet while the minors are not very exciting at all with the same artwork being repeated over and over.
For some traditionalists, that does not matter, but if you are a very visual person, as I am, then the whole deck needs to be pictorial, each card different and very expressive.
I have been through a number of decks - only one has really worked for me till now.

I am hoping that this new deck will be even better! I have included a pic of one of the cards! Cant wait to start doing readings with them.

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Hunter Society for Paranormal Research

The Hunter Society for Paranormal Research, run by John and Jan Overholt, some local ghost hunters from Newcastle, with their band of paranormal investigators, are looking to make contact with your ghosts!!
If you have a ghost that is inhabiting your home or know of a haunted house or building in your area that would be available for investigation please drop me a line by replying to this post and I will pass on your information! Please remember that full approval must be sought from owners before any research can be conducted - so dont dob in your neighbour or a friend unless you know they will let us into their home!

Friday, 15 January 2010

Another guest spot on Morpeth Ghost Tour on Friday 12th February!

I will be coming along to participate on the fabulous Morpeth Ghost Tour with Troy, the owner operator, next month on Friday 12th February!
There has been a lot of activity of late and Troy has been getting excellent feedback from tour members experiencing activity during the tour and also capturing unusual lights and images on camera.

There have also been some new apparitions that have been making appearances!
Troy is a wealth of information about the area and goes in depth into the historical background of all the stops on the tour - its a look back into life 100 years ago with imprinted energy making itself known and adding another dimension to a fascinating two hour tour.

Give Troy a call ( click on my link on side bar ) and make a booking for Friday 12th!

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Today is skin cancer removal day!

I am always amazed at the infinite array of ways that the Gods have in keeping my ego in check and keeping me humble and not off with the fairies.
Today is one of those days where I have to make sure that I stay connected and practise what I have learnt thus there will be some quiet contemplation and then some furious reiki happening as well as searching for inner peace in the fact that the proceedure today will remove the cancerous bit that needs to go.
This week has been a test - which is always the way in my universe. It seems that every time I create change ( which is not often, as I am a creature of habit, as we all are ) somewhere in the cosmos a giggle can be heard and then a bucket load of roadblocks appear.
Lets see how you handle this one!
Have you learnt your lesson yet?
Did you really say that you wanted to move on?
Expect to be challenged or go and sit in a corner.....

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Skin Cancer!

Living in Australia and getting skin cancer is an occurance that is not at all a rarity, most of us here will expect to have to deal with it at some stage unless we have completely avoided the sun or have a darker skin.
Who avoided the sun 30 - 40 years ago? Not many! We were all out there baking with masses of coconut oil to hasten up the process.....
And so I found myself at the skin specialists yesterday being told that, I too, had a spot on my forehead that is a basal cell carcenoma.
 I must admit that when I initially went in to have it looked at, it was just an ugly small lump that I wanted removed for cosmetic reasons more than anything else, but now I am so glad that I did.
I am very lucky that it is not a melanoma and it will be dealt with this Thursday.Hubby suggests that I just ask for a "Harry Potter" type scar as its in the same spot.
It needs to be cut out and will look a bit crazy for a while, but I can deal with that - then its off to a skin cancer clinic to get a full body check.....better safe than sorry!
Oh...and NO MORE SUN.....a big fat hat will be bought forth with!
The moral is..........
Listen to those voices that tell you that something is not right....that you need to get stuff checked out....get over yourself and do it today!
I put my check up off cause I am not into needles or sharp instruments of any kind (and believe me my spot is still tiny)....and I just didnt want to face a proceedure....but now I must, and I bless the Gods for persistently annoying me to the point where I went to a doctor.

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Change in 2010

"Embracing change will be the theme in 2010, especially toward the middle.  The trend actually started last year and has forced all of us to reinvent ourselves in some area of our lives.  Support systems suddenly fell away leaving many of us swimming in a sea of doubt and confusion.  The old way just stopped working.  The challenging economic climate has forced lots of people to get creative and explore new directions.

Change is happening with or without our cooperation.   Many are finding this to be true in their careers.  It's happening on a collective level and simultaneously on a personal level.  Doors are slamming in our faces but if we just look in a different direction we will see the open window".......

This is a small exerpt from a web site by Pam Coronado who is a psychic living and working America. It seems no matter where we are on this small planet we have only six degrees of separation between us all - so what you do or more importantly dont do...........will have impact on many.
I am sure many of us can relate to these feelings - I know I can.
Are you flexible? How do you handle change? Is it a traumatic experience? Or do you shout...."Yeah, bring it on!"

Your attitude towards change will effect your outcomes every time.

Saturday, 9 January 2010

"The Business of Spirituality"

This seems like a contradiction in terms - business and spirituality in the one phrase, but it is something that is certainly alive and thriving in our society.

If you seek business and spirituality not to be mixed, then I think the only place that you can find that it exists in its purest form is somewhere far, far away from a monastry, convent, in a cave,a shaman's hut or a temple.

Otherwise - for most people, they need to make a living ( bills have to be paid ) and therefore there is a need for payment for the services they provide or they cannot continue as much as they might like to.
There is a difference though in receiving a reasonable amount for what you provide and going over board.
Thats one key.
I guess its about how ethical a business, or person conducting that business, chooses to be and when you label yourself as spiritual in any way, shape or form the spot light is far hotter, brighter and unforgiving than ever before.
People expect for you to be a certain way - to be forever loving, forgiving, humble and never, ever make any money ( because that would be morally wrong ) but we see time and time again that many prey on the defenceless or the powerless to sustain themselves. This is, in my opinion when the whole thing goes belly up.
This can be found in any business, right? But it seems even worse when the tag of 'spiritual' is used.
It gives all the rest a bad name - it tarnishes what initially is a honorable thing most people in the business of spiritiuality are trying to do.
Now thats a shame.
and its another key..

There will always be people looking for a messiah...someone to lead them out of the "desert of their lives " and this is all well and good if you can do it honorably and with respect. But no one should be carried forever - each person then needs to find the strength to move on and find their own solutions.
So the bottom line is, in my humble opinion, you CAN successfully mix business and spirituality.

You must be honorable, respectful of others but not fall into the trap of being manipulated or becoming the manipulator.
You need to know how to let go and how to manifest and you must have a set of rules that guide you and also you must be prpared to live your "talk ".
The wiccan rede says..."an harm none"  ...a good motto!

Also, most important of all,  is to have a very grounded person who is willing to slap you silly when you start taking yourself too seriously - thank goodness I have one of those. They work wonders.

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Psychic Readings - what to expect

I am a tarot card reader, and therefore, always have a set of cards on the table during a reading. My interpretation of the cards is intutive, this means that I am using my intuition to receive messages and interpret what I see in the cards.I find my cards are very accurate and the more the client can be open and relaxed, the easier the information will flow. Tarot readings are very much about the 'how and why' as apposed to straight future/ psychic readings that provide the 'who and when''. Time is not lineal in the world of psyhic connection so I try to estimate only, if you are looking for exactness then maybe you will have better luck with another reader. I ,very much, connect at soul level and can read off photos supplied, but psychometry is not my forte. I always recommend my clients to have a list of questions with them so that the time spent at a reading can be spent wisely. I charge $50 for a reading and take about 40 minutes to an hour. Sometimes, everything that needs to be said will be said within the first half hour but sometimes more time is needed, so I remain flexible.I will also often find that I connect with energies that are around you at the time of the reading. These may be energies from the living or the departed - you just never know what is going to come through. I love reading and find it very exciting, and, if I can help my clients solve some issues then it certainly makes it all worthwhile...please consider a reading..just email me for an appoinment!

Saturday, 2 January 2010

A chance to start afresh? Try a spell!

The New Year period always gives us a great opportunity to start with resolutions to be better or do better, improve our health, exercise more, study or change jobs or rid ourselves of emotional baggage..but as the days pass, often our enthusiasm goes with it. Keeping focus is the key - we are creatures of habit and it is always easier for us to follow set patterns of  'being' rather than continue with the new or unknown. At least with the old we know what to expect, right? Often a small spell will reinforce our commitment to the changes we want to make. It means that we are being proactive in our life and instead of just thinking about it we are taking small steps to introducing and promoting change. Actively involving yourself in a spell, creating a sacred space and allowing a special time to really focus your energy on what it is that you want will create a new energy, it means that you are telling the Universe that you are serious about it! Just remember the rules of all not try to dabble with people's  free will ( a real no-no ) and it must be for the greater good of all with harm to none. Happy Spellcrafting..