Saturday, 9 January 2010

"The Business of Spirituality"

This seems like a contradiction in terms - business and spirituality in the one phrase, but it is something that is certainly alive and thriving in our society.

If you seek business and spirituality not to be mixed, then I think the only place that you can find that it exists in its purest form is somewhere far, far away from a monastry, convent, in a cave,a shaman's hut or a temple.

Otherwise - for most people, they need to make a living ( bills have to be paid ) and therefore there is a need for payment for the services they provide or they cannot continue as much as they might like to.
There is a difference though in receiving a reasonable amount for what you provide and going over board.
Thats one key.
I guess its about how ethical a business, or person conducting that business, chooses to be and when you label yourself as spiritual in any way, shape or form the spot light is far hotter, brighter and unforgiving than ever before.
People expect for you to be a certain way - to be forever loving, forgiving, humble and never, ever make any money ( because that would be morally wrong ) but we see time and time again that many prey on the defenceless or the powerless to sustain themselves. This is, in my opinion when the whole thing goes belly up.
This can be found in any business, right? But it seems even worse when the tag of 'spiritual' is used.
It gives all the rest a bad name - it tarnishes what initially is a honorable thing most people in the business of spiritiuality are trying to do.
Now thats a shame.
and its another key..

There will always be people looking for a messiah...someone to lead them out of the "desert of their lives " and this is all well and good if you can do it honorably and with respect. But no one should be carried forever - each person then needs to find the strength to move on and find their own solutions.
So the bottom line is, in my humble opinion, you CAN successfully mix business and spirituality.

You must be honorable, respectful of others but not fall into the trap of being manipulated or becoming the manipulator.
You need to know how to let go and how to manifest and you must have a set of rules that guide you and also you must be prpared to live your "talk ".
The wiccan rede says..."an harm none"  ...a good motto!

Also, most important of all,  is to have a very grounded person who is willing to slap you silly when you start taking yourself too seriously - thank goodness I have one of those. They work wonders.

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