Saturday, 2 January 2010

A chance to start afresh? Try a spell!

The New Year period always gives us a great opportunity to start with resolutions to be better or do better, improve our health, exercise more, study or change jobs or rid ourselves of emotional baggage..but as the days pass, often our enthusiasm goes with it. Keeping focus is the key - we are creatures of habit and it is always easier for us to follow set patterns of  'being' rather than continue with the new or unknown. At least with the old we know what to expect, right? Often a small spell will reinforce our commitment to the changes we want to make. It means that we are being proactive in our life and instead of just thinking about it we are taking small steps to introducing and promoting change. Actively involving yourself in a spell, creating a sacred space and allowing a special time to really focus your energy on what it is that you want will create a new energy, it means that you are telling the Universe that you are serious about it! Just remember the rules of all not try to dabble with people's  free will ( a real no-no ) and it must be for the greater good of all with harm to none. Happy Spellcrafting..

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