Sunday, 10 January 2010

Change in 2010

"Embracing change will be the theme in 2010, especially toward the middle.  The trend actually started last year and has forced all of us to reinvent ourselves in some area of our lives.  Support systems suddenly fell away leaving many of us swimming in a sea of doubt and confusion.  The old way just stopped working.  The challenging economic climate has forced lots of people to get creative and explore new directions.

Change is happening with or without our cooperation.   Many are finding this to be true in their careers.  It's happening on a collective level and simultaneously on a personal level.  Doors are slamming in our faces but if we just look in a different direction we will see the open window".......

This is a small exerpt from a web site by Pam Coronado who is a psychic living and working America. It seems no matter where we are on this small planet we have only six degrees of separation between us all - so what you do or more importantly dont do...........will have impact on many.
I am sure many of us can relate to these feelings - I know I can.
Are you flexible? How do you handle change? Is it a traumatic experience? Or do you shout...."Yeah, bring it on!"

Your attitude towards change will effect your outcomes every time.

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