Sunday 31 January 2010

Focus, focus, focus!

 I have been watching Hulk Hogan ( from World Championship Wrestling ) talking about focus and about manifestation.Yes, the Hulk himself is a very spiritual man.
He was saying that he has realised that what you think is what you create, so it is important to be vigilant with regard to your thoughts!
I was impressed!
It is important to create an equilibrium between your inside world and your outside world - so your thoughts need to reflect your actions and visa versa.
It is harder than it sounds, as most of us a plagued with feelings of self doubt, and these thoughts then sabotage everything that we want to achieve.
It is dead energy - which can leave us continually procrastinating being afraid to make any decisions at all.
Any movement is better than no movement, so they say.
So even if your initial steps may turn out less than successful, at least you will learn from the experience - not doing anything leads only to frustration and a feeling of powerlessness.
Listen to the Hulk.....

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