Wednesday 27 January 2010

New Cards to play with - Goodie!

I was presented with a very big surprise today - my sweet partner bought me a new set of tarot cards that I had been admiring on the internet a few weeks ago. As is usual, the moment I show interest in anything, he is out the door and buying it for me!How lucky am I!
These cards are totally outstanding, very individual and I am hoping will be a very intuitive deck.

If you have ever struggled with buying a tarot deck for yourself, you will know that it is a very personal choice and sometimes ( other than the purchase of your very first learning deck which is more often than not a Ryder Waite deck ) it can be a very difficult choice as it is something that has to speak to you.
It is good to be able to see a full deck, as sometimes you can get caught out by seeing a great set of Major Arcana on the internet while the minors are not very exciting at all with the same artwork being repeated over and over.
For some traditionalists, that does not matter, but if you are a very visual person, as I am, then the whole deck needs to be pictorial, each card different and very expressive.
I have been through a number of decks - only one has really worked for me till now.

I am hoping that this new deck will be even better! I have included a pic of one of the cards! Cant wait to start doing readings with them.


  1. That card looks fantastic. Would love to see the whole deck - which deck is it? And how wonderful is your hubby?!

  2. Very Lucky am I - will bring them in on Monday!