Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Psychic Readings - what to expect

I am a tarot card reader, and therefore, always have a set of cards on the table during a reading. My interpretation of the cards is intutive, this means that I am using my intuition to receive messages and interpret what I see in the cards.I find my cards are very accurate and the more the client can be open and relaxed, the easier the information will flow. Tarot readings are very much about the 'how and why' as apposed to straight future/ psychic readings that provide the 'who and when''. Time is not lineal in the world of psyhic connection so I try to estimate only, if you are looking for exactness then maybe you will have better luck with another reader. I ,very much, connect at soul level and can read off photos supplied, but psychometry is not my forte. I always recommend my clients to have a list of questions with them so that the time spent at a reading can be spent wisely. I charge $50 for a reading and take about 40 minutes to an hour. Sometimes, everything that needs to be said will be said within the first half hour but sometimes more time is needed, so I remain flexible.I will also often find that I connect with energies that are around you at the time of the reading. These may be energies from the living or the departed - you just never know what is going to come through. I love reading and find it very exciting, and, if I can help my clients solve some issues then it certainly makes it all worthwhile...please consider a reading..just email me for an appoinment!


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