Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Skin Cancer!

Living in Australia and getting skin cancer is an occurance that is not at all a rarity, most of us here will expect to have to deal with it at some stage unless we have completely avoided the sun or have a darker skin.
Who avoided the sun 30 - 40 years ago? Not many! We were all out there baking with masses of coconut oil to hasten up the process.....
And so I found myself at the skin specialists yesterday being told that, I too, had a spot on my forehead that is a basal cell carcenoma.
 I must admit that when I initially went in to have it looked at, it was just an ugly small lump that I wanted removed for cosmetic reasons more than anything else, but now I am so glad that I did.
I am very lucky that it is not a melanoma and it will be dealt with this Thursday.Hubby suggests that I just ask for a "Harry Potter" type scar as its in the same spot.
It needs to be cut out and will look a bit crazy for a while, but I can deal with that - then its off to a skin cancer clinic to get a full body check.....better safe than sorry!
Oh...and NO MORE SUN.....a big fat hat will be bought forth with!
The moral is..........
Listen to those voices that tell you that something is not right....that you need to get stuff checked out....get over yourself and do it today!
I put my check up off cause I am not into needles or sharp instruments of any kind (and believe me my spot is still tiny)....and I just didnt want to face a proceedure....but now I must, and I bless the Gods for persistently annoying me to the point where I went to a doctor.

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