Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Sometimes new experiences can be frightening

It isnt always the paranormal that can frighten us..often it is just the normal experiences in life that require us to change, to get out of our safety circle and to enter into the world from a new direction.
Often it can take someone ages to do so...because when YOU change everything around you also has to change.
Its like throwing a pebble in the water and watching the ripple effect on the surface. It can just keep spreading .......and it often takes some time after the pebble is thrown in for the waters to become still again...but they always do.

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Paranormal Investigation at Mrs. Porter's House Approved!

Have received good news that we have been allowed to enter Mrs Porter's House on King street to do a short investigation looking for signs of ghostly presences or energes.
This is sure to be informative and should reveal some information that will be helpful to the custodians of the property.
Will keep you updated.

Friday, 19 February 2010

Interesting ...very interesting...

I am helping out a friend of mine who is writing the script for a short movie at the moment.
As it is based around a seance and ouiji board I volunteered my help with possibly getting some of the details authentic. You can't muck about with these things now can you, or all of those devotees of all things spooky and paranormal will be onto you in a flash - I said to him.
So I have spent today writing some variations for my friend to consider  ( although, I am a bit apprehensive )
I stress that they are only ideas - can you image having created a story and then every Tom, Dick and Harry telling you that they can write it better?
But I did offer....and he did say yes....
So I am having a great deal of fun.

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Learning new Tricks!

Last night I was able to spend a few hours learning new songs and chants from a beautiful crone ( yep.... this is actually a compliment! ) named Esme, a lady from Canada, who gave of her time to play the harp, sing songs and teach dance and share with us the experience of wicca from the other side of the world.
Interestingly enough, it was all very familiar and we realised just how connected and similar our path is!
I met quite a few new people and we were all pushed out of our comfort zones to sing loudly and to dance and as much as we thought it was going to be possibly hard or difficult and that we might make fools of ourselves, I really dont think that anyone cared....we were having too much of a good time.
So lovely to see everyone so happy with a spoonful of sillyness and a pinch of groundedness added to the mix!!!

Monday, 15 February 2010

Mrs Porters House

Mrs Porter's House is a National Trust building located on King street, Newcastle. I have been meaning to do a tour for many years, but like many things in life I kept saying "maybe later" even though it is right under my nose.
Yesterday I finally found the time to have a look though this magnificent little treasure house - a glimpse into the past.
The house is intact, as it was left by the two sisters that occupied it until just after the earthquake, when there was extensive damage to the house and the ladies had to be virtually dug out and relocated until the house was made safe again.
They became too old to even climb the stairs to their bedrooms and so spent the last years of their lives in the back end of the house ( which by the way is where thieir energy has stayed ) which contains the kitchen and laundry.
So they both had a very small bed each side of the cooker and that where they stayed and also tended the small garden outside.
The voulnteers that give of their time to tell you about the house and its owners are very generous with insights to the era that the sisters lived in.It is a space frozen in time and actually a fantastic way to show children what life looked like 100 years ago.
It amazed me that even thought the house was "given" to the city by the sisters, and it is the only one of its type in Newcastle, the city council sees fit to charge rates, which makes it a very expensive little enterprise!

The National Trust has to hold fundraisers and also charge an entry fee to cover costs and the only thing that makes it all work is the effort of the volunteers who spend hours doing renovations to keep the house in the pristine state that you will find it.

I am hoping that we will be allowed to do a paranormal research evening in the house as I believe that the two sisters are still very much there.  I have asked about this, and I hope to get a reply - will keep you informed.

Saturday, 13 February 2010

Morpeth Ghost Tour

Here we are last night during the Morpeth Ghost Tour with Troy giving a talk about the history of the Cottage he is standing in front of. It was a great group of ladies last night, lots of photos taken and some ghostly activity at some of the spots where we stopped along the way. One young lady had some really good questions that made us all think - I hope that my input during the evening was helpful, I certainly enjoyed the interaction. I thought that the stormy weather would heighten some of the activity last night , but it ended up being very tiring as the heat was still very oppressive. The storm bypassed us and left a heavy humidity.
There were some changes last night that were quite different from my first and second ghost tours - especially around Closebourne House at the top of the hill past the Avenue of Trees. I really feel that there will be some quite significant changes around that area ( on the land ) in the next few months and the spirits guarding the house are starting to place barriers and protection around the property. It may also be a matter of just being a bit more respectful when we walk up there.Maybe the ghosties have had enough of the disturbances?

Often the area around a church has been used as burial grounds for unmarked graves in years gone past. Hundreds of years ago only the rich or important could be buired on the grounds of a church, as it was seen to be very protective of the soul and it also drew parishoners to the church to pray at the grave sites.
The Anglican Church at Morpeth holds some of the bodies of the early settlers, and I can certainly feel their energies still very active when I cross the grounds at the side of the church. Saying a prayer is a small gift that we can give to secure peace for those that have made this journey before us.

I would love to hear from the ladies that spent an evening in the "haunted' room at the pub down the road....they had great plans for trying to contact the spirit residing there. I am interested in finding out what happened for them.

Historically Troy adds more and more information every time we walk - its like a mirror into the past and certainly adds another dimension to the small township which is a real treasure to our area.

Friday, 12 February 2010

Just a word of advice - please dont go see several psychics about the same question. It will do your head in!

Just see one - that will do. Going from one psychic to another in the hope that what they will tell you what you want to hear is not really how its supposed to work...
I raise this issue, as I had someone today who had done just that.....I was psychic number four and this poor person was now in 'melt down' mode.
Mind you, I also had to put my foot down and suggest that this person stop turning cards when not asked to and stop demanding another answer when they had not received hte one that they liked....
All I could do was say what I had been directed to say and to ask this person to please consider stepping away from the issues that were about to send them crazy...
Misinformation or givng a client what they want serves no one.
In the end I have to feel that I have been as ethical as I can be  ( the word 'ethics' and 'psychics' can often be seen as an oxymoron - a combination of contradictory terms ) but it is possible to be an ethical psychic, as long as you are not setting out to delude, lie or manipulate.

And, hopefully the client can walk away feeling more knowledgable about their life situations than when they walked in.

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

An afternoon with the Spiritualists.

I spent an afternoon in payback mode today - giving free readings to a group of ladies at the Spiritualist Church in Newcastle. I had dropped in to leave some info and was bombared with tea , scones, sandwiches and requests for an "outsider" to do some readings.
So, for the next hour or so, I gave my new cards a hard workout with a crowd of people "in the know" reading for it was a good test for me.
It is a rare opportunity for readers to get a reading from someone that does not know them, I know this - and so when an opportunity arises you grab it with both hands.
Also, it was a bit of karma payback, giving my time for free and picking up some karma bonuses!
Could not fit another scone in even if I tried...

This Friday night I am off to do another Ghost Tour at Morpeth....can't wait!

Saturday, 6 February 2010

Are looks deceiving?

Yes they are. I have fallen into the trap of forming an opinion about someone based on what they look like. Usually this opinion was stinkingly wrong. (I was young and most things were based on what people dressed like as I was always in St.Vinnies specials and had a huge chip on my shoulder.)
Ít is a reflex that we develop that is really required by our psyche - it is a bit of a safety device. If people look "good" to us, that means we will be safe around them. If they look "bad" to us then we are threatened and feel unsafe, they may harm us.Our subconscious is sending us a warning to be careful.
So it is a reflexive and defensive mechanism, but then we are always told to "get to know someone".
Sometimes getting to know certain people allows them in and then it can be difficult to disconnect.
It is therefore important to know if our reactions are based on ego cues ( she is too fat, too beautiful, too rich ) or intuitive cues ( something about him just does not feel right, something she says does not fit with how she acts ect..)
It is important to read the signs and energy people send out, maybe one day it could save you from a really sticky situation.It does not mean that you are aloof or critical, it just means that you are being careful and those people worth knowing will understand.

Friday, 5 February 2010

Meeting an angel?

Yesterday I was visiting my mum at a nursing home in Sydney and had to take her to an appointment with a specialist. When we returned, there was an extra staff member on that I had never met before - this lovely lady is a nun from the Holy Family Order, and what astounded me was the beauty of her aura.
Truely I have not witnessed such a beautiful energy in a very long time - it was astounding to stand close to her.
I felt that she could have said anything, but I was not really listening to her words, but I was feeling her energy and it felt so pure and good that I experienced a spontaneous and wonderful calmness and peace within myself. She must work wonders for some of the residents in all their various states of unwellness.
I would love to know more about her, maybe I will bump into her again next time I visit.
Some people just effect you that way, dont they?
Its the feeling that you experience when you are around them - and its an overwhelming goodness, such a strong groundedness and 'egoless' persona that it can leave an impression.

I am so glad that this lady is looking after my mum.

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

First Harvest Celebration!

Lughnassadh is the name given to what used to be the time of the year of the first of three harvest festivals ( coming into the autumn and winter seasons ).The plants and food crops sewn and grown during spring and summer were now becomming ready to harvest and to store for the hard, cold and dark months to come.
There had to be lots of planning and lots of luck for the harvests to be fruitful, so, ofcourse, our ancestors were a very superstitious bunch, and therefore employed the Gods to bestow their kindness upon their communitites. Rituals were held to honor them and gain their positiverecognition.
Circles were cast and ceremonies invoking the Goddess and God were held in every community as gifts of fruit and grains were symbolically presented. There would be chanting, singing and dancing as in each person's heart lay the fear of an impending winter and the desire for the Gods to see their precious family and livestock through the treacherously hard winter.
We remember, at this time, how lucky we are to have full fridges and freezers and not have to worry about the same hardships that our ancestors had to endure.
So at this first harvest time may we thank our own Gods, whoever they may be, for letting us live such abundant lives!