Wednesday, 10 February 2010

An afternoon with the Spiritualists.

I spent an afternoon in payback mode today - giving free readings to a group of ladies at the Spiritualist Church in Newcastle. I had dropped in to leave some info and was bombared with tea , scones, sandwiches and requests for an "outsider" to do some readings.
So, for the next hour or so, I gave my new cards a hard workout with a crowd of people "in the know" reading for it was a good test for me.
It is a rare opportunity for readers to get a reading from someone that does not know them, I know this - and so when an opportunity arises you grab it with both hands.
Also, it was a bit of karma payback, giving my time for free and picking up some karma bonuses!
Could not fit another scone in even if I tried...

This Friday night I am off to do another Ghost Tour at Morpeth....can't wait!


  1. hi is it still ok for me to come of friday ngt? jewell

  2. Very cool. How did the new cards go?

  3. New cards are too them, at the moment we are having nice conversations but I must be polite!