Wednesday, 3 February 2010

First Harvest Celebration!

Lughnassadh is the name given to what used to be the time of the year of the first of three harvest festivals ( coming into the autumn and winter seasons ).The plants and food crops sewn and grown during spring and summer were now becomming ready to harvest and to store for the hard, cold and dark months to come.
There had to be lots of planning and lots of luck for the harvests to be fruitful, so, ofcourse, our ancestors were a very superstitious bunch, and therefore employed the Gods to bestow their kindness upon their communitites. Rituals were held to honor them and gain their positiverecognition.
Circles were cast and ceremonies invoking the Goddess and God were held in every community as gifts of fruit and grains were symbolically presented. There would be chanting, singing and dancing as in each person's heart lay the fear of an impending winter and the desire for the Gods to see their precious family and livestock through the treacherously hard winter.
We remember, at this time, how lucky we are to have full fridges and freezers and not have to worry about the same hardships that our ancestors had to endure.
So at this first harvest time may we thank our own Gods, whoever they may be, for letting us live such abundant lives!

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