Saturday, 13 February 2010

Morpeth Ghost Tour

Here we are last night during the Morpeth Ghost Tour with Troy giving a talk about the history of the Cottage he is standing in front of. It was a great group of ladies last night, lots of photos taken and some ghostly activity at some of the spots where we stopped along the way. One young lady had some really good questions that made us all think - I hope that my input during the evening was helpful, I certainly enjoyed the interaction. I thought that the stormy weather would heighten some of the activity last night , but it ended up being very tiring as the heat was still very oppressive. The storm bypassed us and left a heavy humidity.
There were some changes last night that were quite different from my first and second ghost tours - especially around Closebourne House at the top of the hill past the Avenue of Trees. I really feel that there will be some quite significant changes around that area ( on the land ) in the next few months and the spirits guarding the house are starting to place barriers and protection around the property. It may also be a matter of just being a bit more respectful when we walk up there.Maybe the ghosties have had enough of the disturbances?

Often the area around a church has been used as burial grounds for unmarked graves in years gone past. Hundreds of years ago only the rich or important could be buired on the grounds of a church, as it was seen to be very protective of the soul and it also drew parishoners to the church to pray at the grave sites.
The Anglican Church at Morpeth holds some of the bodies of the early settlers, and I can certainly feel their energies still very active when I cross the grounds at the side of the church. Saying a prayer is a small gift that we can give to secure peace for those that have made this journey before us.

I would love to hear from the ladies that spent an evening in the "haunted' room at the pub down the road....they had great plans for trying to contact the spirit residing there. I am interested in finding out what happened for them.

Historically Troy adds more and more information every time we walk - its like a mirror into the past and certainly adds another dimension to the small township which is a real treasure to our area.


  1. Sounds like another wonderful tour. I have a friend who is interested in going - are you booked in to do another one soon?

  2. Not at this stage Wendy - but I can let you know, maybe there will be one next month?