Friday 12 February 2010

Just a word of advice - please dont go see several psychics about the same question. It will do your head in!

Just see one - that will do. Going from one psychic to another in the hope that what they will tell you what you want to hear is not really how its supposed to work...
I raise this issue, as I had someone today who had done just that.....I was psychic number four and this poor person was now in 'melt down' mode.
Mind you, I also had to put my foot down and suggest that this person stop turning cards when not asked to and stop demanding another answer when they had not received hte one that they liked....
All I could do was say what I had been directed to say and to ask this person to please consider stepping away from the issues that were about to send them crazy...
Misinformation or givng a client what they want serves no one.
In the end I have to feel that I have been as ethical as I can be  ( the word 'ethics' and 'psychics' can often be seen as an oxymoron - a combination of contradictory terms ) but it is possible to be an ethical psychic, as long as you are not setting out to delude, lie or manipulate.

And, hopefully the client can walk away feeling more knowledgable about their life situations than when they walked in.

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