Friday, 5 February 2010

Meeting an angel?

Yesterday I was visiting my mum at a nursing home in Sydney and had to take her to an appointment with a specialist. When we returned, there was an extra staff member on that I had never met before - this lovely lady is a nun from the Holy Family Order, and what astounded me was the beauty of her aura.
Truely I have not witnessed such a beautiful energy in a very long time - it was astounding to stand close to her.
I felt that she could have said anything, but I was not really listening to her words, but I was feeling her energy and it felt so pure and good that I experienced a spontaneous and wonderful calmness and peace within myself. She must work wonders for some of the residents in all their various states of unwellness.
I would love to know more about her, maybe I will bump into her again next time I visit.
Some people just effect you that way, dont they?
Its the feeling that you experience when you are around them - and its an overwhelming goodness, such a strong groundedness and 'egoless' persona that it can leave an impression.

I am so glad that this lady is looking after my mum.