Monday, 15 February 2010

Mrs Porters House

Mrs Porter's House is a National Trust building located on King street, Newcastle. I have been meaning to do a tour for many years, but like many things in life I kept saying "maybe later" even though it is right under my nose.
Yesterday I finally found the time to have a look though this magnificent little treasure house - a glimpse into the past.
The house is intact, as it was left by the two sisters that occupied it until just after the earthquake, when there was extensive damage to the house and the ladies had to be virtually dug out and relocated until the house was made safe again.
They became too old to even climb the stairs to their bedrooms and so spent the last years of their lives in the back end of the house ( which by the way is where thieir energy has stayed ) which contains the kitchen and laundry.
So they both had a very small bed each side of the cooker and that where they stayed and also tended the small garden outside.
The voulnteers that give of their time to tell you about the house and its owners are very generous with insights to the era that the sisters lived in.It is a space frozen in time and actually a fantastic way to show children what life looked like 100 years ago.
It amazed me that even thought the house was "given" to the city by the sisters, and it is the only one of its type in Newcastle, the city council sees fit to charge rates, which makes it a very expensive little enterprise!

The National Trust has to hold fundraisers and also charge an entry fee to cover costs and the only thing that makes it all work is the effort of the volunteers who spend hours doing renovations to keep the house in the pristine state that you will find it.

I am hoping that we will be allowed to do a paranormal research evening in the house as I believe that the two sisters are still very much there.  I have asked about this, and I hope to get a reply - will keep you informed.

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