Thursday, 18 March 2010

Amazing workshops comming up!

We have an amazing workshop with Reiki Master Jerry on April 17th (Saturday) about self empowerment.This gentleman is in his eighties...yes, eighties, and has a wealth of amazing information that he enthusiastically wants to share.
The morning will cost $50 - starting at about 10am to 2pm.
Please email me if you are interested.

Also in June I will be conducting a 12 week workshop based on "The Artist's Way".
It is an intensely creative and therapeutic journey to unblock and unlock your talent and help you live a more enthusiastic and creative life.
It is suitable for just about anybody but especially for those who are experiencing trouble in moving forward in their chosen artistic fields of endeavour.
It has been proving successful for lawyers as well as artists, potters, writers, doctors and housewives and these workshops have been going for over ten years all over the world.
"The Artist's Way" workshop is very inspirational and uplifting - class numbers will be kept small to allow for interaction and lots of discussion.
Classes will be held during the evenings on Tuesdays at a cost of $15 per week.
If I have enough interest I will also run a class during the day for those that prefer it when kids are at school.
Again, please contact me if you are interested as this workshop will fill up fast.

We are also running a beginners "Ancient Wisdom" class - for those wishing to learn about wicca. It is an eight week course covering all of the basics including ritual, sabbats, esbats, sacred space, ethics and the wiccan rede to name just some of the topics.
This class will be running on Thursday evenings and starts soon!

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