Saturday, 27 March 2010

Psychic Investigations

This weekend I had the opportunity to take part in a psychic investigation at an old Pub in Morpeth. There is allegedly some psychic phenomenom occuring according to the caretaker and some of the staff - as usual, late at night or in the early morning there can be footsteps heard on the stair case and in the hallway and a lady and child have been seen on several ocassions in rooms on the property.

The staff were very open and excited about us being there, and were hoping that we could find out some more information during our stay. I could only be there for a few hours, but some other intrepid ladies took it upon themselves to sleep overnight in the haunted room.

They had been there a few weeks earlier and actually reported it to be very quiet so they wanted to give it another go.

I felt energies the moment I entered the lounge rooms downstairs. There were also many different energies in the "haunted room" but none were angry or malevolent.
I actually felt a lot of female energy and that of a baby in a cot, and that the room was used as a convalescing area for a family member who was very sick with influenza.
I actually was told to move off the bed at one stage as I was being very naughty by sitting on it and ruffling the linen...and I smelt voilets which would be placed in the room to mask smells and odours.
This week I will be going to Ms Porters House on King street for some more ghost hunting!!!!

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