Monday, 26 April 2010

Free Night with John Overholt!

There is going to be a free evening with John Overholt - our resident Medium, who will speak about living a more spiritually rich life.
He will give hints and techniques that he uses and that have transformed his life...
John is a powerful speaker and I am sure that there is much that he wishes to share with you -
Plus, this night is FREE!!!!!
Date : Monday 3rd May
Time: 7pm
Tea and coffee will be served ( Gold coin donation gratefully accepted!!)

Please come along to our space at Sacred Elements, 13 Smart street Charlestown and enjoy the evening!!!!!

We ask that you confirm you intention to attend by emailing us at

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Ritual as part of our lives...

In past generations important milestones in our lives were always marked with ritual.
Get togethers were held with important others from the community and family members who would honour times of the year, special events, growing up, birth, death. These were parts of our inititation into life.
We understood the process - we knew that there was importance in waiting for and reaching goals that we could not have it all at once but had to wait until we were old enough or had life experience.
Teaching about ritual allows us to slip between the worlds and back to the ways of our ancestors where the elders handed down the teachings held sacred at these special and auspiscious times and it was an honor to be in circle and listen.
In many cases our elders are now shunned and disrespected because they are old and out of touch and a problem - how things have turned around....
We celebrate a full moon this week and also the beginning of the darker time of the year - Samhain, a time to remember those that are no longer with us, those we have lost and miss.
Very fitting to have Anzac day so close to this sabbat - Lest we forget.In your haste to be patriotic and have a beer and get loud do not forget to also be humble and grateful for those that gave their lives for their country.

Monday, 19 April 2010

Good news another week and I am still alive!!!!

Good health and a full calendar of activities is always a bonus, isnt it!
Life has to be full to the brim - I think that it has to have expectations, things to look forward to - a goal.
Even if it is small one, as long as it helps to pull you forward and gives you a reason to keep paddling through what can sometimes be extremely deep shit!

I find I am starting this week rather tired but very excited and wonder what will happen sometimes has ways of fixing itself, its about relinquishing the total desire to remain in full control - always.

I had a few issues appear this weekend that did not go according to original plans but....
actually, by having that happen I extended my view beyond what I thought I could see and looked further, searched harder and found better......
good analogy for life in general ....

Friday, 16 April 2010

New Workshops and Retreat planned..

We have been busy indeed!
Our Career Coven is now ready to go - we will commence upon my return from overseas which will be in the first week of June for the Winter season.
Each 'coven' lasts for only 12 weeks and is made of of those wishing to find a supportive environment to get past transitioning in their careers or getting stuck in negative patterns.
This is really something most suited to those in business or wanting to start their own and wishing to incorporate spirituality into their every day practise.
We are also making some retreats available this year as a continuation upon this theme.
Lots of new things to come so stay posted on our web site:
We now have a "What's on this Week" - so you can go and check out whats happening.
Have a good weekend!

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

What a day!

Our meeting today with Stacey Demarco went very well.
She is a delightfully grounded, very polite and humble person.
Stacy also knows what she is talking about and comes from a successful corporate background. She has dealt with big business ( really big ) and this in no way has given her a "big head" or ego.
She is genuine and sincere and she offered her time to Diana and myself for free to talk about the Career Coven that we will be starting in Newcastle.
We will be starting in June ( for the winter season )for our first group.
It will be targeted at those who work in business but are finding life unsatisfactory or lacking. Its about people in transition, starting their own business or needing a push in the right direction.
Its about creating a group of people who will help, guide and influence others into being proactive and in turn be helped themselves.
We will have guidelines regarding the group based on Stacey's book "Witch in the Boardroom" and we will be able to utilize her skills and knowledge in having worked at perfecting these covens for over 7 years. There are covens working all over Australia and overseas.
They will be of 12 week duration.
Sounds interesting?
I cant wait!!!!!
If you want to be part of our first one - send me a message.

Friday, 9 April 2010

Big Week Ahead

Well another big week looms...
I am doing a party reading tomorrow night out at Salamander Bay.
Next week is already starting to build with bookings at Sacred Elements.
One great thing is that I am getting to do more Reiki which I just love!
Hopefully we are heading to Sydney on Wednesday for a meeting ( while I'm there I will go visit my mum at the Nursing Home ).
My trip to Japan is just around the corner so I am still holding off with some commitments until I return then I can really get stuck into it.

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

All going well.....

Things are going along very well at our new little business. We are getting walk ins off the street which is a good sign as it means that we are getting into the loop of retailers and service providers out there - it requires LOTS of networking. We have just scraped the tip of the iceberg.
Networking and advertising are just so important..
We have lots of brilliant ideas for events to come, so I will keep you posted.

Some friends of mine will be organising a "Pagan Musical Picnic" event in a weeks
Event: Pagan Musical Picnic

Date: Saturday 17th April

Time: 11am

Venue: Mount Sugarloaf (right turn before you reach the top carpark, sign posts will be there to help)- an opportunity to get together with like minded people and make some noise with chanting, drumming, and having a good time.
Good Luck with this girls!

Also next week we have an appointment to see Stacy De Marco ( from "The One" and "Witch in the Boardroom "fame ) we will be talking about business...

Thursday, 1 April 2010

They have all gone mad!

Why is it that every time a holiday comes around everyone goes into a frenzied panic about buying food?
Are we really on the brink of starvation?
Are we really living day to day, meal to meal and do none of us have anything at all in the freezer or pantry?
Do we not prepare for an impending holiday?
Can we really not survive one day, just one day without being able to go to the shops?
Why do people have to feel that they need a months worth of supplies....
surely ?
and I always seem to fall into the trap of having to buy those last minute incidentals and therefore I am thrust into the noise and chaos of crazy people in their hundreds raging inside enclosed areas....euwwwwww!!!!!!
I spent almost an hour at the fish co - op today just to buy some prawns. When I walked in I was number 1056 and they were only up to 975.....what made me do it?
Maybe just the experience of standing with others looking aimlessly at the poor staff filletting and scaling like possessed zombies and listening to those customers that are used to all of this telling me that today it was relatively quiet - at Christmas they had to wait for two hours in a queue from five oclock in the morning......really.....would you bother?