Monday, 19 April 2010

Good news another week and I am still alive!!!!

Good health and a full calendar of activities is always a bonus, isnt it!
Life has to be full to the brim - I think that it has to have expectations, things to look forward to - a goal.
Even if it is small one, as long as it helps to pull you forward and gives you a reason to keep paddling through what can sometimes be extremely deep shit!

I find I am starting this week rather tired but very excited and wonder what will happen sometimes has ways of fixing itself, its about relinquishing the total desire to remain in full control - always.

I had a few issues appear this weekend that did not go according to original plans but....
actually, by having that happen I extended my view beyond what I thought I could see and looked further, searched harder and found better......
good analogy for life in general ....

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