Friday, 16 April 2010

New Workshops and Retreat planned..

We have been busy indeed!
Our Career Coven is now ready to go - we will commence upon my return from overseas which will be in the first week of June for the Winter season.
Each 'coven' lasts for only 12 weeks and is made of of those wishing to find a supportive environment to get past transitioning in their careers or getting stuck in negative patterns.
This is really something most suited to those in business or wanting to start their own and wishing to incorporate spirituality into their every day practise.
We are also making some retreats available this year as a continuation upon this theme.
Lots of new things to come so stay posted on our web site:
We now have a "What's on this Week" - so you can go and check out whats happening.
Have a good weekend!

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