Saturday 24 April 2010

Ritual as part of our lives...

In past generations important milestones in our lives were always marked with ritual.
Get togethers were held with important others from the community and family members who would honour times of the year, special events, growing up, birth, death. These were parts of our inititation into life.
We understood the process - we knew that there was importance in waiting for and reaching goals that we could not have it all at once but had to wait until we were old enough or had life experience.
Teaching about ritual allows us to slip between the worlds and back to the ways of our ancestors where the elders handed down the teachings held sacred at these special and auspiscious times and it was an honor to be in circle and listen.
In many cases our elders are now shunned and disrespected because they are old and out of touch and a problem - how things have turned around....
We celebrate a full moon this week and also the beginning of the darker time of the year - Samhain, a time to remember those that are no longer with us, those we have lost and miss.
Very fitting to have Anzac day so close to this sabbat - Lest we forget.In your haste to be patriotic and have a beer and get loud do not forget to also be humble and grateful for those that gave their lives for their country.

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