Thursday, 1 April 2010

They have all gone mad!

Why is it that every time a holiday comes around everyone goes into a frenzied panic about buying food?
Are we really on the brink of starvation?
Are we really living day to day, meal to meal and do none of us have anything at all in the freezer or pantry?
Do we not prepare for an impending holiday?
Can we really not survive one day, just one day without being able to go to the shops?
Why do people have to feel that they need a months worth of supplies....
surely ?
and I always seem to fall into the trap of having to buy those last minute incidentals and therefore I am thrust into the noise and chaos of crazy people in their hundreds raging inside enclosed areas....euwwwwww!!!!!!
I spent almost an hour at the fish co - op today just to buy some prawns. When I walked in I was number 1056 and they were only up to 975.....what made me do it?
Maybe just the experience of standing with others looking aimlessly at the poor staff filletting and scaling like possessed zombies and listening to those customers that are used to all of this telling me that today it was relatively quiet - at Christmas they had to wait for two hours in a queue from five oclock in the morning......really.....would you bother?


  1. oh yes i had to brave the madness too, i've also had the same issue with the fish co-op and i had the added bouns of Archie in a sling standing for over an hour..some-one took pity on my and gave me their ticket as some-one had given them theirs

  2. That was a nice thing to do indeed...we ended up splitting up as our number came up and I went to stand in the payment queue while Diana was having our oder filled....jut to cut doen on the time it would take to get served in that queue...