Wednesday, 14 April 2010

What a day!

Our meeting today with Stacey Demarco went very well.
She is a delightfully grounded, very polite and humble person.
Stacy also knows what she is talking about and comes from a successful corporate background. She has dealt with big business ( really big ) and this in no way has given her a "big head" or ego.
She is genuine and sincere and she offered her time to Diana and myself for free to talk about the Career Coven that we will be starting in Newcastle.
We will be starting in June ( for the winter season )for our first group.
It will be targeted at those who work in business but are finding life unsatisfactory or lacking. Its about people in transition, starting their own business or needing a push in the right direction.
Its about creating a group of people who will help, guide and influence others into being proactive and in turn be helped themselves.
We will have guidelines regarding the group based on Stacey's book "Witch in the Boardroom" and we will be able to utilize her skills and knowledge in having worked at perfecting these covens for over 7 years. There are covens working all over Australia and overseas.
They will be of 12 week duration.
Sounds interesting?
I cant wait!!!!!
If you want to be part of our first one - send me a message.

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