Sunday, 2 May 2010

If you are passionate about what you do...then stay with it!

Dreams may all seem easy while we are sleeping - but in the dawning light we often get scared of the realities attached to what we really want and dont go through with it or spend our whole life regretting that we never at least gave it a try.
At 50 ( odd ) I can see that it is imperative to at least try, even once, if at all possible...
this life is fleeting and from day to day we are never sure of what the future will bring.
Nothing is set in concrete - I say that to people all the time in readings..we cannot ever guarantee anything will work ( even the best made plans have a quirky way of suprising us).
The tarot expresses to us that life is a journey, and a cycle that will be repeated many times over during our lives, where we often start right at the beginning, like "The Fool" until we reach the end "The World" which is always again like the beginning...
along the way we will meet our nemesis and our dark side and we will meet angels as we need to take the dark and the light as expressions of the everything needing to be felt for it to be a genuine experience.

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