Sunday 27 June 2010

Central Coast Masquerade Ball

I was lucky to attend the pagan ball on the Central Coast last night organised by the Pagans in the Park group held at Myuna Bay.
Wow......and wow again.
It was fancy dress and everyone just went crazy wild with the most beautiful outfits, including knights in armour, magicians, sages, ladies in waiting etc...
There was a fantastic Celtic rock band that entertained us all night long as well as a singing intro from one of the lovely ladies who is part of the organising group on the Coast.
There was also Dani and her group of ladies who perfromed a goth/tribal dance - words escape me.
This was a mesmerising performancing with the ladies putting their hearts and souls into theirdance.
I had a fantastic night.
I am in full admiration that the group put such an event together - something to aspire to ??

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