Wednesday 9 June 2010

Would you like to book a Party?

You may like to book a psychic for your next party?
Its something fun and interesting for your guests and readings are kept short and fun!
They are especially fun at kitchen teas and doe shows as well work gatherings.

I suggest 15 minute readings for each guest that would like one - its a combination of some palmistry and tarot and of course if I see any spirits ( not of the alcoholic variety ), I will certainly let my clients know...
You can also organise a mediumship evening with our resident medium John Overholt....
at Sacred Elements or at your place.
Here the theme is all about connecting with the departed and souls that are around us.

We are off to Melbourne tomorrow to go to the Mind Body Spirit Festival as we missed the one in Sydney last month as I was away in Japan.
We are also taking advantage of catching up with family and friends so it will be a wonderful weekend.
We will be back at work next Tuesday straight after the long weekend.

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