Monday, 26 July 2010

Please check out new facebook pages!

We have two new facebook pages with great info on whats on and comments and ideas :
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and Gaia Mother Earth Project ( on facebook )
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Saturday, 17 July 2010

How nice the warmer weather....

Getting some sun is very important to our general health and well being...just 10 minutes a day.
Good for all states of depression and malaise as well. I remember as a child I had a friend who was ill and I went to visit her...her grandmother had set her up outside on the verandah with hankies, tea and a blanket to cover her as she had a very bad case of the flu, with the command that the sun will do her "a world of good".
Grandma was right ( of course ).
I feel sorry for those who have to hit the trail to work before the sun gets up and do not get home until the street lights go on at dusk....a lunch time walk outdoors is then a must.
We are slowly now coming out of winter and can warm our bones in the beautiful sunshine as it is certainly getting much warmer where I live. So grab a cuppa, and comfy chair and head out doors even for a brief respite form your crazy day..
It will do you the world of good.  Blessings.

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Time for a clean out..

Every so often it is a really good idea to have a spring clean...even if it is in the middle of winter!
Just to let go of stuff that no longer serves a purpose.
Piles of papers, notes, books and paraphenalia that you hang on to for security and that tell a story about where you have been and what has been special over the past few months or years...but de cluttering can also make way for new exciting stuff..
and it feels good to tidy up physically, mentally and spiritually..

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Wow...amazing readings yesterday!!

I was invited to read at a very small hens party last night and was quite delighted to be surprised by a wonderful group of ladies who embraced my readings with great enthusiasm.
It is always a bit of a hard start - you have to proove yourself as a reader, as usually the first person will come out of a reading at a party and either go "wow" or "that was crap" which will set up the rest of the group with expectations or dissapointment...well, thank the Goddess, my first lady said "wow".... and so that laid the foundation for open, connected ladies who enjoyed my style of tarot reading and all thanked me for my time and "logos".
A few ladies were dealing with major tragedies, and I hope that what came through in the readings were helpful to their situations, but, I think by the end I had encountered every type of issue and problem - just goes to show that we all really just want the same, peace and happiness.