Sunday 4 July 2010

Wow...amazing readings yesterday!!

I was invited to read at a very small hens party last night and was quite delighted to be surprised by a wonderful group of ladies who embraced my readings with great enthusiasm.
It is always a bit of a hard start - you have to proove yourself as a reader, as usually the first person will come out of a reading at a party and either go "wow" or "that was crap" which will set up the rest of the group with expectations or dissapointment...well, thank the Goddess, my first lady said "wow".... and so that laid the foundation for open, connected ladies who enjoyed my style of tarot reading and all thanked me for my time and "logos".
A few ladies were dealing with major tragedies, and I hope that what came through in the readings were helpful to their situations, but, I think by the end I had encountered every type of issue and problem - just goes to show that we all really just want the same, peace and happiness.

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