Sunday 15 August 2010

Amazing weekend

Psychic Fairs are a lot of work - please do not doubt this! Many who attend spend time driving to the venue and hours setting up. They have also invested their money in securing a site with no guarantee that any money will be made and their expences will be reimbursed. They are then open to all and sundry that come by to look, use and possibly buy or have a reading or just a chat.They normally then spend more money to find overnight accomodation and cover their food its not as thugh any of us make a bucket load of money.....but we do get ourselves out there and we share our love and knowledge for what we do.
Psychic Fairs can also be a wonderful place where those that are so passionate about what they do can get together and share space and time. They watch out for each other, network and connect, each encouraging the other with their work and their passion.They listen, they share and they acknowledge each others work.
They dont whinge -not one bit....The comment is,"All is as i should be"- you cant argue with that!
This is beauitiful to witness and be a part of.
And thus it was this weekend at Nelson Bay. Many stall holders - comming from as far as Sydney to Port Maquarie!
And, it seems that each stallholder will more often than not buy more from others than they will make from their own sales and services....they will go and have an aura photo or an iris examination - they will have a reading ( a treat for readers to find someone new to get a reading from ) and they will buy numerous crystals, incense and nic naks even though they dont need them...they get drawn in by the energy that they themselves create......
I bought a most beautiful ring from a lady all the way from Port Maquarie - it has a mystic topaz - a combination of green and purple ( my most favourite colour combination ).
Our own stall did very well with lots of information going out to many people.
I am hopeful that some of these will come into Sacred Elements and enjoy our services in the near future.
I also did a private readings on Saturday night out at Tenambit for a group of ladies who were very open and very receptive - this made my work so very easy. We had contact with a departed beloved grandma and many tears - we had some revelations and some issues raised that needed to be dealt with - all in all I am hoping I gave these ladies something to think about!
A wonderfully spirit filled weekend.
Blessings for the week ahead...

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