Friday 20 August 2010

Busy week..

I have had some amazing experiences this week with a psychic fair last weekend, two gallery style mediumship shows with John Overholt and also a full day at a Women's Forum today. Plently of self promotion, something I battle with, but have to do.
All of these experiences have allowed me to meet many new people and have some fun.
I am grateful for such wonderful exeriences but also in awe of the amazing and forceful women that I have encountered who are so passionate and driven.
It is very true that if you want to achieve in a particular area of your life then surround yourself with positive like minded people - they will bolster your soul and allow you to grow without threat of jealously or hidden agendas.
There is always plenty to learn and any opportunity to hear from those that have had enourmously challenging life experiences can often put our own hardships into real perspective.
Have a blessed week!

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  1. i'll help you grow....very tall like a beautiful sunflower xxx