Thursday, 30 September 2010

Flat out today

Even with doors flapping open and shut ( see last post ) I have been very busy today. Healings are going well with Diana who has worked out her own very special way to help her clients and has been getting great feedback.
I had a reading today where a little boy decided to make an appearance and tell me that he was waiting to come back into the family when the time was right.This message was passed on of course.
Tarot is a most beautiful tool and I love working with it  - I should use it for myself more often!!!!
But we are very good at giving advice sometimes but not taking our own..
I have put in three of my paintings into the Mattara Art prize - not really thinking about winning as the standard is very high and judges always pick their favourites...but would love to sell them.....they need to go to good homes.

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

When one door closes, another opens in its place....

and when it does, make sure your foot is ready to wedge itself in the gap so the bastard doesnt shut on you while you brace yourself.....
A few doors have been opening and closing - so much so that they have created a draft...
but, that's life..
Must say, its soooo good to have a mentor who does not have a personal agenda to anything that I do, and can look critically at situations that would bury me in emotion.
A good slap across the back of the head is sometimes needed and when that happens and leads you back on the right path you need to say..thankyou.
Thankyou Madame Q!

You're the One!

I listened intently to how a man's fortune changed from having $1.25 in the bank and starting a business with a loan of $50 from his brother to now kicking over 37 million and wondered how is it that some people get the call to high achievement and do it while others dont.
Such a simple idea, such a simple way to start - this guy did nothing magical. He just had a go and even started at the markets with one tressle table. He did do some very smart things along the way - thinking outside the square - doing it his way, whether others liked it or not and now he really does not give a flying **** what others say about him and still does things his way and is still making a bucket load of money, travelling the world and generally enjoying every moment of his life. Is he happy...oohh yes he is..he is indulging all of his fantasies and he is giving back to the world by setting up orphanages in very poor communities.
Now where is my idea?????
Come on, come on, come on.....I'm waiting!!!!!

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Lucky me..

As I sit here trying to contemplate on writing, my doggy is farting underneath my chair - totally disrupting my train of thought......mmm..concentrate....euwww..stop it Max!!!
How can something so adorable produce something so toxic...whilst snoring too...

Both husband and child are very slowly comming out of their awful viral infections, very slowly. It has drained the energy of the house and I expect that it will be days before they fully recover.
I almost lost my voice last night, as I have been on and off with feverish attempts of the devilish illness to take hold ..but it was the Goddess's way of telling me to shut up...must learn to listen.
Having talked today to some very influential like minded spirits ( real ones"real" flesh and bone ones ) my voice has returned and so has my energy.
Sometimes it pays to just do a little shooosh...and listen really hard...then you will hear the truth.

Monday, 27 September 2010

Mucky start to the week

Sometimes Mondays are just it was lovely to see two of my loveliest divine enchantresses today with not one but two coffee dates during my "hard working " Charlestown Square keeps growing bigger and bigger we now find ourselves with unlimited places to go for a much choice!
I asked my guides this morning to show themselves as I needed their support - I thought that I got no response, it just came in a way that I was not prepared for.
I am such a skeptic!

Saturday, 25 September 2010

Karmic Lessons v Karmic Debt

I have been reading about Karma today - a karmic debt always involves a very serious act where there has been violence and death perpetrated by one human being onto another, and may take many reincarnations to pay back ( bugger ).
On the other hand Karmic lessons are those basic to our evolution as human beings such as patience, love, trust, charity,etc.and may be learnt in one lifetime.
Our soul decides what lesson(s) we have to learn before we are reincarnated.
Reincarnation can therefore take centuries until the circumstances are just right for those lessons to take place or it can be immediate.
Then, it is up to us to choose the time and place for these lessons to be learnt as our life unwinds.
The lessons are there ready to be taken up - but we have freedom of choice, or free will,  to do so or to ignore.
That is why predicting the future is a fromidable task - As a reader, I always say to people that, some outcomes are easier to see coming ( or "on the cards " if you like ) as they tend to have a set pattern ( especially if repeated over and over during one's lifetime) but the circumstances by which you learn those lessons can vary greatly by the decisions you make.
Karmic debt may mean that you have suffered through an horiffic death at the hands of a perpertrator who then has to spend the next few incarnations "paying for his crime against another " and you, the victim, must learn to come to terms with the fears and emotions associated with the incident.
I wonder then, about those that went through World Wars 1 and 2 and may have had to kill or be killed and what of their debt, or lesson, in lives to come.
My understanding of karma is "what you reap you shall sow" ( to quote a Bible verse.)
It is not "an eye for an eye" - because in the end it all comes back to the greatest lesson for us all which is to learn how to love and be loved and you cannot do that by punishment, fear and retribution.

Friday, 24 September 2010

What the hell is a personologist?

Mmmmm..yes....this is now a professional term folks.I am at a loss to explain what it actually means other than trying to create a new word for counsellor/healer/personal coach...Maybe those terms dont work anymore and just saying that you are a "personologist" may make people go "gee... I have to go and see him...he's a personologist!
Or..."I am seeing a personologist!"
Really? How impressive!
I just might steal that term and stick it on my business card....
If YOU are a personologist, then forgive me for offending you.
If you are a personologist and are making big money from being one, that I am the stupid one aren't I?
I just think its a bit of a giggle. My view only.

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Much more important notice!

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Unfortunately we have to cancel our event for this weekend - SPIRIT AND SOUL CONNECTIONS at Edgeworth Bowling Club scheduled for Sunday 26th September 2010.
This has occurred because of circumstances that were out of our control and we apologise to all for the inconvenience caused.
If you have purchased tickets from us please contact Sacred Elements for your refund.
Email us on:, send us a message via facebook or call us!
On a brighter note we will be celebrating the EQUINOX - OSTARA and FULL MOON tonight at Speer's Point Park under the trees and with the possoms who always come down to play.Start at 7pm.
For more details contact us!

Wednesday, 1 September 2010


26th SEPTEMBER 2010

A fantastic new experience in psychic event planning:including new age and hand made products, massage, kinesiologists, aura photography, reiki and psychic readings and more. Talks given by leading local businesses in the wellness industry as well as featuring well known and respected psychic medium and spirit seeker JOHN OVERHOLT who will give talks and readings at the end of each of the two sessions.
Tickets will be available a...t $30 per person and include a reading/ reiki treatment and goody bag with heap of discount vouchers!
Tickets available from or at Sacred Elements, 13 SMART st, CHARLESTOWN or Edgeworth Bowling Club on the day!
Hoping to see you all there!