Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Lucky me..

As I sit here trying to contemplate on writing, my doggy is farting underneath my chair - totally disrupting my train of thought......mmm..concentrate....euwww..stop it Max!!!
How can something so adorable produce something so toxic...whilst snoring too...

Both husband and child are very slowly comming out of their awful viral infections, very slowly. It has drained the energy of the house and I expect that it will be days before they fully recover.
I almost lost my voice last night, as I have been on and off with feverish attempts of the devilish illness to take hold ..but it was the Goddess's way of telling me to shut up...must learn to listen.
Having talked today to some very influential like minded spirits ( real ones ...no..no.."real" flesh and bone ones ) my voice has returned and so has my energy.
Sometimes it pays to just do a little shooosh...and listen really hard...then you will hear the truth.

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