Friday 24 September 2010

What the hell is a personologist?

Mmmmm..yes....this is now a professional term folks.I am at a loss to explain what it actually means other than trying to create a new word for counsellor/healer/personal coach...Maybe those terms dont work anymore and just saying that you are a "personologist" may make people go "gee... I have to go and see him...he's a personologist!
Or..."I am seeing a personologist!"
Really? How impressive!
I just might steal that term and stick it on my business card....
If YOU are a personologist, then forgive me for offending you.
If you are a personologist and are making big money from being one, that I am the stupid one aren't I?
I just think its a bit of a giggle. My view only.


  1. it like it..did you make that one up?...cos you should use it on your business cards...great talking point

  2. No I saw it on someone's webpage....