Wednesday, 29 September 2010

You're the One!

I listened intently to how a man's fortune changed from having $1.25 in the bank and starting a business with a loan of $50 from his brother to now kicking over 37 million and wondered how is it that some people get the call to high achievement and do it while others dont.
Such a simple idea, such a simple way to start - this guy did nothing magical. He just had a go and even started at the markets with one tressle table. He did do some very smart things along the way - thinking outside the square - doing it his way, whether others liked it or not and now he really does not give a flying **** what others say about him and still does things his way and is still making a bucket load of money, travelling the world and generally enjoying every moment of his life. Is he happy...oohh yes he is..he is indulging all of his fantasies and he is giving back to the world by setting up orphanages in very poor communities.
Now where is my idea?????
Come on, come on, come on.....I'm waiting!!!!!

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