Sunday, 10 October 2010


I love today's date - not only because it carries an energy of change and transmutation ( big word ) but because it means that my birthday is just two days away...he..he..
I have spent today in meditation and in ritual, cleansing, clearing our business centre and bringing in energy which will continue to allow us to grow and achieve our best potential.
Of course I was not alone, as my business partner was there to share in the job.
We reflected upon the last seven months and how far we have come.
We worked through issues that have been fragmenting and needed transmutation ( that word again ) - so working a bit of alchemy.
We also sat and looked at our own part in the whole scheme of things and asked ourselves a question..
"where do I see myself in a year's time - what do I want to achieve".

Every so often a clean out is needed, especially when there might be stagnation, and as our matra is "working with the energies of the earth" it is most appropriate that we used earth, air, fire and water  and the energies that they hold to refresh and renew.

We also put into place our dragon guardian ( thanks again to Jewell ) It is a reminder that we all have dragon energies stirring in us - that part of us that is the primordial brain, that part that acts on instinct and works without us even knowing it is happening like breathing and digesting. So our dragon will work quietly to see what needs to be done and intuitively will let us know without our need for effort. is the first day of the rest of your life...which is unlimited.
Blessed be!


  1. amazing things in store for you both...i can feel it...bright blessings