Friday, 1 October 2010

Another day, another tattoo...

Just about halfway through...I lay there thinking...mmmmm...maybe not????
But it was way too late....the tattoo artist was somewhere between "e"  and "n " and it was not a good time to ask him to stop.
Truth is I had been planning another tattoo for over a year and then when I started the business I knew it was going to be inevitable but these things have to happen when the "stars align".
Today on 01.10.10 it seemed like a good idea.

If you think those numbers are pretty spiffy - wait a few more days and then we get 10.10.10 - something fiercely transcendental is supposed to happen then or so I have read.
Gee...cant wait! Thats a few days before my birthday so it better be memorable.

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