Sunday 17 October 2010

Bloody Satan worshippers my arse!

I am sick of hearing this old chestnut!
Paganism = satan worshippers, human sacrifice and communion with the demons...
For goodness sake!
This lovely explanation of what pagans do came up today in a program that I watched on early morning tv by an evangelist preacher from Texas who added that no Christian should have anything to do with Halloween celebrations ( his primary message ) nor Easter bunnys and chocolate eggs, nor Mistletoe at Christmas time as they were all pagan.
Then he added fuel to his own pyre by reading extracts from texts that showed how the Roman Catholic Church used all of the pagan relious feasts and converted them to Christian ones becaus they had trouble converting those "stupid devil worshipping heathens" to the ways of the new God.
Kind of a dictatorship, no?
Kind of Hitleresque, no?
Change or be destroyed???
Tyrannical, no?
So good Christains should not be enjoying Halloween as it is a celebration of the dead ( but the Christians have all soul's day and all saints day - which celebrate......the dead????)
Oh, but that is different, as was explained by the good padre - cause the pagans are celebrating the sinners at Halloween ( or those that did not get baptised I presume therefore automatically go into the sinner's basket ) as opposed to the chosen one's who are celebrated at THEIR feast days of all soul's day and all saint's day.
Ah ha!!!!
Now I see...sinners and the saved.
You are either one or the other...there is no in between.
Mixed in with this was the lovely world of "WITCH" as many times as the padre could possibly fit it in.
He really lovews to use that word.
Let me say it again - WITCH.
And then of course we have the sourcerer, divination, those that dabble in the black arts of tarot, mediumship and such and lets round it off by slagging Harry Potter and that stupid woman ( his words, not mine )who made it all up and who in all actuality revitalised the dying art of READING A BOOK!!!!!!!! Lets give her a good serving as well!
So pagans seem to be just as much the scum on the surface of the Earth as homosexuals, lesbians, any other religion...and dont get me started on women in general - those servants of the dark one who have tempted all men to sin since that unfortunate episode in the Garden of Eden.

So how so we heal and move on when these are the underlying thoughts of many who hold the banner of faith and the one true God?
Can we?

As much as pagans and wiccans say that they cherish the sacredness of Mother ( yes MOTHER ) Earth, that they hold their bodies as divine, and that the God and Goddess are omnipresent we are going to be at loggerheads with those that see God as omnipotent and the devil as having rule and dominion over those that do not see the light of the one God.

But as always, to me, each person has a right to make up their own mind in this regard as long as they do by finding out the facts.
Before you have something to say about another person's beliefs you need to FIND OUT THE TRUTH ABOUT THEM.
I do not believe that you can paint everybody with the same brush. There are good Christians with a wonderful heart as there are good pagans and muslims and protestants and Scientologists and Hindus and ....well you know what I mean.
So take your silly ideas Mr.Pastor from Texas and go for have a right to your views.Just dont try and shove them down everybody else's throat.
May your God be good to you - he is not my God.
I dont want one that is ready to smote me down because I can make up my own mind.
I will continue to believe in an omnipresent divine force that is so much more intelligent than all of this hogwash that may have been really great about 30,000 years ago when our brains were the size of a pea and it took us a couple of hundred years to work out where the sharp end of the spear was....but now?
Are you for real?