Monday 4 October 2010

Dreaming of the French - Epic

Last night I had the most vivid dream that I was stuck in the Napoleonic Wars with French soldiers heading down to my village to burn it down - husband had gone off to fight and I was left to look after the home and the fields. As the soldiers started their raid ( with sabres flashing ) I froze - tried to find a place to hide but I had no furniture left in the house as it had all been sold to buy food - no where to hide - so I just stood in the main room waiting for the inevitable.
I could hear the screams from adjoining houses as people were being rounded up and then a young soldier entered in full uniform with a very ill fitting hat - then I noticed why it was not fitting him properly it was becasue he was only about 16 years old. He looked as scared as I was so I just ran out the back door.
There were more soldiers waiting and they grabbed me and led me to the middle of my own field. There I stood with a crowd gathering being yelled at to move. But I was frozen with fear and said that I was too afraid to go.My neighbours had their eyes lowered and would not look at me as I stood sobbing, but the soldiers were seeing this as a total waste of time and were getting very annoyed.
Then a soldier yelled that I either move or I would be killed there, where I stood, and that they would make the young 16 year old do it.
Then I woke up...


  1. wow that's pretty big dream....any idea as to what it might mean?

  2. No Jewell - maybe a past life memory?