Sunday 3 October 2010

Go the Druids!

Well, all sniggering and giggling aside ( from the non believers ) the Druids have won a great victory in England by becoming a recognised religion!
And so they should, as their history is richly interwoven within the very fibre that is England.
I am very happy for them and hope that they do justice to their ancestors ( who I know will be joyously celebrating this victory in every sacred grove across the country ).

I can imagine how difficult it is going to
Now on a more personal note,I really do not look forward to the time changeover - it takes me forever to get used to daylight savings - but I wll have even more time to get used to it this year as we will now be having about six months of it!
I know I speak for many mothers of teenagers all over Australia when I say that I know how much harder it will be to now try and get these kids out of bed a whole hour earlier than before - it is usually a momentous struggle for me at the best of times but now my attempts will be met with more anger and foul attitude than normal.I understand the whole body clock issues, the need for them to sleep more as thier body grows..blah...blah..but really, I have no recollection of anyone waking me up for school when I was 16.
I thinks its a conspiracy..

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