Friday 15 October 2010

If you really think you have problems...

Sometimes hearing other people's stories of tragedy and sadness really puts things into perspective for me. And as bad as it might sound these lovely people always come through the door when I most need to refocus on where I think I am going andwhat I think is happening to me.
I have heard some very sad stories this week - some absolutely heart wrenching experiences that ordinary people have been put through.
Each one has asked the same question, "Why me? "
Losing loved ones, dealing with breakups and children with disabilities, watching as your ordinary, normal life crumbles and changes shape....
It always humbles me that people somehow get to the other side - like one lady said to me today..."You never know what you can really do until you are forced to do it"...
So sometimes our whinges are just bullshit. We consume ourselves with piddly little issues that we just should not be exerting any energy on at all - we should just deal with it and let it go, cause bigger more enormous things can happen at any moment...and shake your world completely.
I wish you all peace and that your world remains turning in the right direction.

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