Tuesday 5 October 2010

Note to self:dont make any big plans when daylight savings starts!

Today I attempted ( sadly ) to start a new course at Sacred Elements but I forgot to factor in school holidays and the commencement of daylight savings.
No one could come!
Silly me - just because I thought it was a good idea I needed to remember that we were all coping with getting up earlier to lots of kiddies who are bored shitless and are being very demanding.
So I will reschedule to next month..much better idea.
Lots of people coming in seeing what we have on offer which is just brilliant!
I have a big week ahead culminating with our local Mattara "psychic day" at the Foreshore.
Lets pray that it does not rain or I will not be a happy girl!
If you are in the area - come by and say hello!

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