Saturday 9 October 2010

You dont really know me until you see my dark side!

Mwaaaha ha!!!
If all of our dark sides were as crazy as Dr. Evil's then we could possibly understand just how much of our own character our shadows bring into the light.We would just have to look in the mirror to see what others see!
And to be a bit cringlingly "new agey" for a moment, each of us that stands in the light will have a shadow - it is only when you stay in the darkness that the shadow seems to not be visible to you...
also the stronger the light shines on us the deeper and darker that shadow can become.
But, in most cases, we keep that side of ourselves hidden, undercover, and sometimes that part of us escapes from its prison when we can no longer hold it in.The dark side surfaces as an attitude, a remark, an opinion or more aggressively as an addiction, as fear or as violence.
But, it is only when you see and experience that dark side that you really know a whole human being - you know what they are capable of and you know their boundaries.
It can be tiring trying to balance these aspects all the time especially when our shadow is so trying to gain control and if we do not let off the steam valve from time to time then this side can take over in a big way - in such a way that we feel we cannot control it.
when we are just so continually "good" when all around us seems chaos and madness can make no sense to continue. Thats when we prop up our real needs by dipping into the dark waters ..
Keep your eye out for the dark side - you have one and so do I.
We can learn about what we really need to be our whole, integrated self by acknowledging what happens when it shows itself.

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  1. my dark side loves to come and the most in-opportune moments.....