Friday, 26 November 2010

One of those days..

It was one of those days when the messages were coming thick and fast...
People and events were put in my face and I had to try to make sense of what I was getting.
One lady was trying to get me into another networking vitamin scheme telling me how wonderful her "" new concept" was and how I would just be soooooo wealthy in about all of a minute and of course no financial outlay....
Yes...yes...had heard it all before.The last thing I tried was the Goji berry thing..and that lasted for no longer than about six months - best thing since sliced bread it was - then they started selling it at the supermarket and the bottom fell out.
I wonder what all of those people who were scammed into selling the product ( including me ) got out of it in the end.
Then she proceeded to ask me about 'The Secret" which is not much of a secret it changed her life.
Good for her...
But I dont want to sell anymore "next biggest thing since sliced bread item" that will make me a fortune while I just sit on the couch and pick lint out of my belly button..
I am a bit over people telling me that "it all just happened" without any expenditure on their part.
Yes..I sold just two T shirts and now I am a multi millionaire...
Right..I renovated one house and now I have a portfolio of thirty properties and I am just 24!!!!!
Uh huh...........
and who's your daddy????
I know vision is important.
I know manifesting what you want and focusing on the positive is very important.
But I also know that it will only come with hard work, persistance and tenacity.
that bit's still a secret...

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Another dose of reality

If you have been following my blog ( and there arent too many of you ) you will know that my mum has been in a nursing home with dementia for over a year now. She has deteriorated rapidly.
She had a few setbacks and with every difficulty she withdrew more into herself.
I have been watching my mum leave now for the last 8 months...slowly one step at a time.
As I sat holding her frail hand today I watched her breathing and wondered what she might be thinking.
Whether she wished that it would all just be over or whether she was just not thinking anything at all.
She no longer knows who I am ( or maybe she does but cannot voice it ). I dont blame her for that - she did light up for one moment when she saw my husband though, so that was nice.
She snoozed on and off today but the issue now is that she no longer wishes to eat.
Elizabeth Kubbler Ross would say that this is a sure sign that the body no longer wishes to take in nourishement to keep itself alive - it is the body's way of saying enough is enough..
I do not wish to prolong this ordeal any more than needed for mum's sake.
No one wishes to see their loved one die but if she is preparing to go then so must I ..
We need to listen to our loved ones final requests and take ourselves and our own needs out of the loop...IT IS NOT ABOUT US.
It is about them.
To not feel pain of heart ache would be a silly ideal - that I could get away without the reality of my mother dying having some effect.
Keeping busy helps although my thoughts are abundantly with her even if I cant be.
Whatever pain she may have caused me - is no longer remembered.
There is no point. She is now a frail, tiny lady who is barely hanging on to this life which has in many ways been cruel and difficult.
It robbed her of her youth and of her ambitions - she lost parents and friends and all hope in the times of war, she had to leave her home for a totally foreign land with a man whom she married out of fear in being left alone. She did the best that she could with her lot and now she has learnt to give in totally to her fate.
I wish her peace in these last weeks or months, whatever they may be.
She is teaching me even now...that each day is a precious gift and life should be enjoyed as much as possible before that free option is taken away from you...

Friday, 12 November 2010

Is anything worth saving anymore?

Yep..they are just trees you say?
Whats the huge carry on?
Look at this picture...the library was an idea in someone's head when these beautiful trees were already established and part of the landscape.Part of our history...this picture was taken in 1945. Only seven of these eleven trees remain.
Do we always have to turn our back on everything?
Is our council working for us or against us?
What are they going to take down next....

Friday, 5 November 2010

How easy is it to learn psychic development?

I got asked that question today - the answer is dead easy!
I look at psychic development as a total learning process whereby you become more focused and in the moment.
You learn to hone your skills of perception and to listen to all of your senses so that they can then inform you about the world around you in a more well rounded more efficient way.
The only way we as humans have to identify our reality is through our senses - they warn us about our environment and continually update us about our safety and security.

They alert us to what is useful and to what we do not need to pay attention to - our brain is the central computer that gathers all of these bits of information and then delivers it to all those areas of our body that require that information to function properly.

For example, if we are hungry our brain will tell us to go search for food - our eyes will let us know where this food is and our nose will let us know whether this food is going to be good for us to eat. Our taste buds will approve or dissapprove of this meal and our stomach will then process this food and distribute it to the places within our body it needs to go.

But how is this linked with seeing ghosts?
It is in a round about way  - because all of life's interactions are interwoven with psychic cues.
When you meet someone for the first time you often make immediate judgements as to whether you will like them or whether they are a threat depending on the signals your body and brain is sending to you about the energy that you are coming into contact with. You will either feel good or bad in their company. This is being psychic.
You also pick and choose your environments depending on whether you feel safe or not based on your senses first and then information that is given to you about that environment. That is being psychic.

Seeing ghosts is something not everyone can do or might ever be able to do - there are too many factors as to why this isto explain in full here.
But attuning yourself to your real world will make you much more recpetive and open to those paranormal occurances that are around us in our "unseen world"...thats for sure.
We have started running psychic development classes at Sacred Elements.
Our next class will be Dec 1st Wednesday night starting at 7pm. Cost $20.

Monday, 1 November 2010

How easy it is to offend!

Seems that as great at facebook and the internet are, they can also be weapons of mass destruction.
It is so easy to be offensive and to make many enemies even if you have never laid eyes on people before and only know them as distant "friends"on your status updates.
The written word can be misconstrued and taken the wrong way and you are not there to back it up or stand up to your own defense and then it just runs away like a rat carrying the plague causing havoc and mayhem in the deep of the night!
Once a comment is written it stands solid and gets its own to feet and an identity which gets ultimately tied back to you!
A valuable lesson comes along every so often as to be aware of what you write and to whom and to consider the consequences of your actions upon pressing that "POST" button!
I keep learning and even though there may be things that I want to say - I dont, and even when I stray even a little off the straight and narrow it seems to bite me on my very ample arse. Therefore I remain guarded and even more guarded as time moves on.
I have always maintained that blogging and facebooking etc..seem such a very impersonal way of communicating as there lacks that one on one interaction and contact that I ( being very old school ) really need to have to feel that I am having a proper relationship. But I am learning the hard way that these modes of communication are dreadfully personal and can have very destructive consequences - throw away statements and opinions can have a monsoonal effect that can leave one mopping up the debris of shattered egos and reputations for ages to come.

The pen (or the "post" button ) IS mightier than the sword!