Monday, 1 November 2010

How easy it is to offend!

Seems that as great at facebook and the internet are, they can also be weapons of mass destruction.
It is so easy to be offensive and to make many enemies even if you have never laid eyes on people before and only know them as distant "friends"on your status updates.
The written word can be misconstrued and taken the wrong way and you are not there to back it up or stand up to your own defense and then it just runs away like a rat carrying the plague causing havoc and mayhem in the deep of the night!
Once a comment is written it stands solid and gets its own to feet and an identity which gets ultimately tied back to you!
A valuable lesson comes along every so often as to be aware of what you write and to whom and to consider the consequences of your actions upon pressing that "POST" button!
I keep learning and even though there may be things that I want to say - I dont, and even when I stray even a little off the straight and narrow it seems to bite me on my very ample arse. Therefore I remain guarded and even more guarded as time moves on.
I have always maintained that blogging and facebooking etc..seem such a very impersonal way of communicating as there lacks that one on one interaction and contact that I ( being very old school ) really need to have to feel that I am having a proper relationship. But I am learning the hard way that these modes of communication are dreadfully personal and can have very destructive consequences - throw away statements and opinions can have a monsoonal effect that can leave one mopping up the debris of shattered egos and reputations for ages to come.

The pen (or the "post" button ) IS mightier than the sword!

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