Friday, 26 November 2010

One of those days..

It was one of those days when the messages were coming thick and fast...
People and events were put in my face and I had to try to make sense of what I was getting.
One lady was trying to get me into another networking vitamin scheme telling me how wonderful her "" new concept" was and how I would just be soooooo wealthy in about all of a minute and of course no financial outlay....
Yes...yes...had heard it all before.The last thing I tried was the Goji berry thing..and that lasted for no longer than about six months - best thing since sliced bread it was - then they started selling it at the supermarket and the bottom fell out.
I wonder what all of those people who were scammed into selling the product ( including me ) got out of it in the end.
Then she proceeded to ask me about 'The Secret" which is not much of a secret it changed her life.
Good for her...
But I dont want to sell anymore "next biggest thing since sliced bread item" that will make me a fortune while I just sit on the couch and pick lint out of my belly button..
I am a bit over people telling me that "it all just happened" without any expenditure on their part.
Yes..I sold just two T shirts and now I am a multi millionaire...
Right..I renovated one house and now I have a portfolio of thirty properties and I am just 24!!!!!
Uh huh...........
and who's your daddy????
I know vision is important.
I know manifesting what you want and focusing on the positive is very important.
But I also know that it will only come with hard work, persistance and tenacity.
that bit's still a secret...

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