Friday, 31 December 2010

Last Post

Last post of the year.
Its about 8.30 and usually I would have headed into town to watch the 9pm fireworks with my daughter but I just cannot be bothered this time around.
I have farewelled my big girl who left for Melbourne this afternoon and should be enjoying a private party at the Docklands right now.
I am enjoying a quiet night in front of the tv out of the heat and noise.
Medicated to avoid an on coming headache picked up  from a trip to the plaza this morning and the frenetic energies that were there.
I always know when I am heading down the road of a major painful expereince because I cannot stand any noise..
so I will be sitting here watching the fireworks ( on tv ) and then we have a movie to get through...very not exciting, I know.
But...I am very grateful for health and relative happiness within my family and thinking about my mum who fades in and out and is probably living through probably her last new year.
Therefore all of MY ideosyncratic manifestations seem trivial and banal..... bring on the new year.

Monday, 27 December 2010

Phew ..its over

Over for another year.
Christmas that is.
Did you get some cool stuff?
Did you spend time with those you love?
Did you give of yourself to others less fortunate?
Did you overeat or overdrink?
Did you tell a family member that you only see once a year what you really think of them?
Were you kept up for hours on end by the party happening next door?
Have you got a load of gifts that you dont want and dont need?
Are you still eating Christmas dinner and probably will for the next few days to come?
Are you still talking to your overindulged and disrespectful teenage children?
Are you waiting for your visiting relatives to finally go home ( "its over folks...get the hint!!!")
Have you been shopping already for the "essentials"...a new designer bag, shoes, perfume?
Do you have to get up and face the hordes of screaming shoppers at the sales today?
Good luck with that....
we HAVE survived!!

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Is it really Christmas?

It must happen as we get older...Christmas tends to sneak up ever so quietly. Or maybe we just try to ignore it hoping that it might just all go away?
It just doesnt feel the same.
I think its a bit like a rare and exotic animal - it is dissappearing fast, even as we look at it.
When you think about it Christmas started back sometime on October and now it has only a few days left and then will have dissappeared.All that will be left is a huge credit card debt and lots of paper in the recycling bin.
I rather liked Christmas as a child. I would play under my parents Christmas tree making up exotic fairytales of what wonders were hidden in wrapped presents awaiting to be revealed. reality never stacked up to my fantasies.
Then the more I studied the story of Christmas and the older I got, the more jaded it all started to make me.
So, now I need a dose of Walt Disney to send me into bliss with the beauty of such stories like 'The Polar Express"or the new "Scrooge" movie - amazing wonders of animation and technology where even jaded oldies like me can once again feel those childish wonder filled moments of awe and fantasy and drop into a world between the real and the unreal.....even for a moment.
Blessings to you all and may you all find even a moment of sheer bliss this holiday season.

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Looking forward to our Solstice Party!

Wow...its the end of the year for us - 40 weeks of being open. Our first year of business finished!
To tell you the truth it has flown past. Even though our doors will be closed on Monday we still have one evening class and a full moon to organise as well as a few coffees, lunches and a hand ful of meetings to attend next much for a quiet end to the year!
We have had a marvelous time and explored many areas of growth.I think that we have now come to some conclusions as to what pursue and what to leave alone right now.
We are hoping for more participants in the new year but these things grow slowly - something that has to be earned is trust and that is not easily given in the spirituality business.
Having a bad name can come very quickly sometimes from the most unexpected directions.
I am looking forward to 2011.
We will be concentrating on our Ancient Wisdom classes, reiki, healings and readings.
Also there will be some new workshops and extra classes by guest presenters as well as our full moons and sabbat classes. We will be introducing working with the dark of the moon.
Another full year ahead...come and join us.
A special thank you to our supporters - we have cherished your input and your smiling faces.
We hope that you have a most wonderful Christmas and New Year and that we meet again soon.

Monday, 13 December 2010

So close to Christmas I can smell it!

Its been a big year of changes and adjustments. Not only for myself, but my family and for many friends who have felt displaced and even left behind in the wake of the wave that is "owning your own business".

I have a new found respect for all of those that battle the highs and lows of business ownership. But to also have the mental stress of rejection of friends and family because they are no longer "number one"or as important as the new project can be cruel.
I understand their pain on both sides - in many cases for the new business owner  all they have done is to have just bought themselves a job  (as my friend told me today.)
Thats going to great lengths to make sure you stay off the dole - In many cases your life and all of your money is on the line. You have probably got to deal with working 70 hours a week, sleepless nights of constant worry about how you will pay the bills, getting a huge business loan and being disowned by family and friends for becoming a party pooper and not "fun"anymore.
Heaven help you becoming successful! Then the shit really hits the fan and you learn who your friends are..but its a learning process and business owners tend to find other business owners to buddy up with cause its only others in the same positions that can really understand.
Its so close to Christmas I can smell the joy of time off and rest just around the corner.
Next year will be very exciting with lots of new projects on the boil and ready to be birthed early in 2011.
I offer everyone to come along and enjoy the ride. I intend to.
If I have forgotten you along the way...No, I havent.I have just become increadibly busy. Please understand.
I do wish you a most wonderful Christmas and a very happy New Year.
Be happy...choose to live your life to your fullest potential - there is enough out there for everyone..there really is.

Monday, 6 December 2010

Tall Poppies hacked with sheer delight!

It seems to be a bit of a sport to some people to trash others who stand a little taller than the rest, or have the 'audacity' to promote, sell or teach in the "spiritual" business ( mmmm,...yes how dare they indeed!). In the span of only 48 hours I have heard two of the most prominant women "in the business" speak of how they are constantly harrassed and degraded by others who chose to demoralize these wonderful ladies for following their passion, sharing their knowledge and shining a light on the way forward.
This is really, really hard for me to understand.
You know, there is enough success out there for anybody that would like some...really there is.
So if someone else is working hard to have a go why not congratulate them, cause they have put in the hard yards and probably had to eat a fair few "shit sandwiches" as I heard one of these ladies say, to get to where they currently are.
But there are those who choose to go the other way - they themselves may not have the need nor the desire to be putting themselves on the line, but they also do not want anyone else to either..
In some self serving way they feel a need to ridicule, fling mud and spread gossip must make them feel better about surely must, because there is no other logical reason for this insane behaviour.
I know that all of us can feel pangs of jealousy at times when others look like they are having fun "working" or have achieved some sort of status ( whatever that may be, or mean, to you personally ) thats only human...
but that should actually act as a motivator for all of us to do the work we need to do to go forward ourselves,
to ask ourselves..."well, what else can I do?"
Not a pretty picture...not very respectful of others and not very spiritual.
I would like to follow the words written on my blog that stated "what people think of me is really none of my business..." but I also personally know that when you give your heart to a project or a vision ( sensibly ) that harsh, vindictive words can sometimes inflict the greatest of injuries.
I send these ladies my best wishes for grest success in 2011.
And, oh by the way, just warning you...............I am also going to be trying my darndest to be successful in 2011 myself...if you have a problem with that...then its none of my business..............