Tuesday 21 December 2010

Is it really Christmas?

It must happen as we get older...Christmas tends to sneak up ever so quietly. Or maybe we just try to ignore it hoping that it might just all go away?
It just doesnt feel the same.
I think its a bit like a rare and exotic animal - it is dissappearing fast, even as we look at it.
When you think about it Christmas started back sometime on October and now it has only a few days left and then ...poof....it will have dissappeared.All that will be left is a huge credit card debt and lots of paper in the recycling bin.
I rather liked Christmas as a child. I would play under my parents Christmas tree making up exotic fairytales of what wonders were hidden in wrapped presents awaiting to be revealed.
mmmm...my reality never stacked up to my fantasies.
Then the more I studied the story of Christmas and the older I got, the more jaded it all started to make me.
So, now I need a dose of Walt Disney to send me into bliss with the beauty of such stories like 'The Polar Express"or the new "Scrooge" movie - amazing wonders of animation and technology where even jaded oldies like me can once again feel those childish wonder filled moments of awe and fantasy and drop into a world between the real and the unreal.....even for a moment.
Blessings to you all and may you all find even a moment of sheer bliss this holiday season.

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